Top 10 Popular Pinoy Chocolates

Local brands of of chocolate always conjure up childhood memories–as pasalubong from parents, titas, or older siblings, or the many times you forked over prized coins to the neighborhood tindahan for a couple of precious pieces.

These homegrown varieties defined our Pinoy childhood long before their imported counterparts became as accessible as they are today.

Nowadays, no matter how sophisticated and well-travelled our palates have become when it comes to this cherished cocoa confection, we will, once in a while, get a hankering for a sweet fix of these local brands–just the sight, smell, or first bite of which has the power to immediately transport us into our carefree and innocent days, like that pivotal scene from Ratatouille.

Top 10 Pinoy’s Chocolates and Price

10. Cloud 9 Classic

Price: around P7.50 per piece

9. Goya Dark Mint Chocolates

Price: P25 to P30

8. Goya Gold Coins

Price: P19-P25/ pack

7. Goya Milk Chocolate

Price: P16/ bar

6. Chocolate Mallows

Price: around P16 for the snack pack (2 pieces)

5. Goya Dark Chocolate

Price: P18/ bar

4. Ricoa Curly Tops

Price: around P17 for 15 pieces

3. Ricoa Flat Tops

Price: around P34 for a pack of 30 pieces

2. Chocnut

Price: around PHP30 for a pack of 24

1.Theo Philo Artisan Chocolates (Milk chocolate)

Price: PHP95/ bar

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  1. yeah ……… i remember curly tops of my childhood ………. its one of our fav sweets along with fruttella ……… we usually have them when we went to the cinema ………. curly tops was also sold in the school playground by some enterprising kids…….

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