Best Place to Buy (non-Apple) Laptop Philippines

Today, the use of technology is extremely important for all. Whether you’re an engineering student who wishes to use a laptop for his research and mathematics related tasks, a businessman who needs one for conferences, one of the high school students who needs it for research and enjoyment, or an OFW thinking about buying a brand new laptop in the Philippines, you need to research well in order to ensure that you get the machine best suited for you.

Before buying it is a good idea to know which places are the best to buy laptops in the Philippines – cheap, affordable and a 100% brand new.

Before you invest your hard-earned money on a brand new laptop, however, it would be good if you asked yourself these questions so you can make sure you’re really getting the machine you want:

1. How do I choose a laptop?

First and foremost, you’re going to have to know exactly how to choose your laptop. Know your budget, ask for the price list, look at the laptop elements, choose if you want one that’s brand new or refurbished, and determine what exactly you need it for so you can choose the right one, and so you don’t end up regretting your decision.

2. What laptop are you using and why?

The reasons I ask is because who you are, and what you do, is important in determining what kind of laptop computer is best for you.

For example, for college students, a light and portable sort of machine is best while for engineering students, a laptop with higher processing power might be better suited. Also, you might be wondering whether a laptop is even the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Let’s look at the alternative. You could get a desktop computer. They’re cheaper than laptops, until you buy a monitor, although it depends on the size and quality.

If you’re looking for mostly portability and ease of use, however, then you’ll most likely be perfectly content with just a laptop. The answers to these questions will help you make your decision, and find your next laptop.

3. I am a OFW working abroad or Expat

Which is better to buy in my host country vs to buy in the Philippines? If you happen to be an overseas Filipino worker.

Some might think it is cheaper to buy outside the country when in reality, it really isn’t. Most of the time, the price of technology and laptops from the country of origin is the exact same price in the Philippines, give or take a few thousand pesos. You also don’t have to deal with customs, if you are a returning overseas Filipino worker.

The Various Laptop Elements

In order for you to truly choose the laptop among the best laptop brands, you’re going to have to know the elements to make sure you won’t get tricked into buying something you don’t really need.


– First, you need to choose from the laptops with the right processor. Another term for the processor is the CPU, also known as the Central Processing Unit. A faster processor means that the applications and programs on your laptop is going to run faster, but a faster processor typically also means you’ll be buying a more expensive laptop. However, a fast processor is essential for those who have to run heavy load programs.

Random Access Memory

(RAM) – RAM is the memory that your laptop has. Typically, 4GB of ram is considered the minimum for good performance, and higher RAM means faster performance.

Graphics Processing Unit

(GPU) – The GPU is the measure of how good your laptop displays graphics and moving images. Gaming laptops typically have a very good GPU, as well as those made for design.


– The display of your laptop shows how crisp and clear images on the screen are. The higher the pixels on the screen, then the better the display.

Operating System

– There are different Operating Systems, or OS, to choose from such as Apple, Windows, and Linux. Do research and see which of them best suits your needs.


– If you want to store lots of things on your laptop, then it is essential you get one with lots of available gigabytes of storage. However if you plan on mainly using the internet for things like email, social media and networking, it is not needed so much.


In summary the processor and RAM are important for your laptop’s speed and performance, the GPU and Display are great indicators of the beauty and speed of graphics on the screen, the operating system can be changed to suit your needs and wants and the storage is important depending on the amount of files you need to store.

All in all, these components are very important to consider when purchasing a laptop.

Best laptop Brand to buy in the Philippines

1. Lenovo 6. Microsoft
2. Razer 7. MSI
3. Asus 8. Samsung
4. Acer 9. HP
5. Dell 10. Apple


30 Best Place to buy Laptop in the Philippines

List of top computer stores in the Philippines – If you’ve finally picked out the kind of machine you want, here are the stores where you can get yourself a brand new laptop.

1. Qube Philippines

Qube Philippines Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_01.jpg
Qube which specializes in technology, especially security home, office equipment like CCTV cameras, dash-cam, TV and smart fences.

A good company for security related electronics and online shopping makes it easier for the buyer; however their laptop and computer selection is not very extensive.

Locations – Alabang, Aurora Broadway, Davao, Gilmore IT Center, Luckytown China Mall, N. Domingo, SM Baguio, SM Cebu, SM Masinag, SM North Edsa, SM Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Website: Built in wit Wix.

2. Otcer

Otcer Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_02.jpg
An electronics store which specialises in e-commerce or selling goods online and has a selection of both local and international products.

Has a wide variety of all types of technology, from branded laptops to printers and also apple accessories.
Locations – Pasig (office, no physical store)
Websites – Built in with WordPress

3. PC Express

PC Express Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_03.jpg

A company which sells a wide variety of different computers such as PCs, PC parts, laptops and more, from middle to high range.

PC Express not only has a very large selection of different computers and computer parts, but also has the best and latest in technology making it a good store for those who need fast, high quality laptops. They also sell parts like hard disk drives, optical drives, and more. You can buy online.

Locations – Metro Manila, Laguna, Batangas, Nueva Ejica, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan
Websites – Built in with WordPress


4. BenStore PC

BenStore PC Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_04.jpg

Sells an extensive collection of laptops and PCs of low, middle, and high range.

A good choice for gamers and those looking for high-end laptops and machines because of their extensive catalogue.

Locations – RBM Building (3rd Floor), Rizal Avenue cor. Laguna street Sta. Cruz; Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines (office address, no physical store)

Lazada: Online Store

5. PC Gilmore

PC Gilmore Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_05.jpg

Gilmore popular computer center, specializes in high-end computers and machines, especially for gaming.

Main product – PC, PC parts, PC accessories, keyboard, mouse, gaming laptops, gaming chair.

Has a large selection of high-end gaming laptops but lack of online catalog and no option for online shopping makes it slightly inconvenient.

Locations – Quezon City, Manila, Caloocan,

Lazada: Buy Online
Websites – Built in with OpenCart

6. Acer Philippines Incorporated

Acer Philippines Incorporated Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_06.jpg

A popular laptop company which makes lots of ranges of laptops, from low-end, middle range, to high end gaming laptops

It’s hard to go wrong with Acer because of their famous brand name and large selection of laptops- any sort of customer would be able to find something from their available catalog that suits their needs because of the wide selection.
Locations – Bonifacio Global City, Manila
Websites –

7. Villman Computers

Villman Computers, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_07.jpg

A company with a very large selection of all things relating to personal computers like laptops, desktop power supply, laptop parts, software, LCD and LEDs, and more.

One of the top companies especially for those looking for very specific laptops or laptop parts because of the company’s extensive and specific catalogue.

Locations – Quezon City, Pasay City, Cabanatuan City, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Taguig

Villman contact number:

Websites –

8. MSI Philippines

Micro-Star International, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_08.jpg

Makes lots of laptop and computer products, especially those on the high-end category. Electronic Sports League (ESL) official gaming partner.

Good company to look into if you want to buy gaming laptops or other high end laptops with a fast processor and good graphics as well as afterburner.

Locations – Pasay, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Quezon City.

Websites –

9. PC Corner Online

PC Corner is one of the pioneers of ICT Products reselling ranging from desktop components, laptops and other related products

One of the popular place to purchase a laptop given their wide selection which makes them a recommended notebook store and PC store in the Philippines.

Locations – Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong,

10. Dell Philippines

Dell Philippines, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_10.jpg

A company which manufactures mainly, and exclusively laptops- from low to middle range up till the high end gaming laptops.

One of the better known companies for buying laptops; their reliability makes the a good choice for buying laptops when buying a server for a small business.

Company Locations – Makati, Pasay, San Juan, Manila, Taguig, and Dell Cebu.
Websites –

11. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_11.jpg

Silicon Valley is a consumer electronics retail shop, sell a large variety of different items like phones, laptops, printers, and more.

Sell a fair selection of different laptops. A plus about the company is that they also offer their very own repair service for your damaged electronics. They also offer installments on some items as well.

Locations – Manila, Mandaluyong, Makati, Marikina, Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Festival Mall, SM North
Websites –

12. HP Invent

HP Omen X, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_12.png

One of the most popular laptop computers, desktops, printers brands, and have acclaimed reliability over the years due to their large laptop line and long time standing of the business.

Their laptops are reliable and truly tested given that they are a popular brand, and if any issues come up with your product it is easy to consult and get it fixed.

Company Locations – Pasay, Quezon City

Websites –

13. Electroworld – Abenson

Abenson, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_13.jpg

The Larget IT retail chain in the Philippines, sells a very large selection of different electronics tv and aircon, even some not frequently sold in smaller shops such as plotters for desktops and home appliances.

Their extensive selection and availability and installment options. One of the best place to buy aircon.

Locations – Makati, Manila, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Taguig, Marikina, Laspinas

Lazada Laptop On Sale

14. PC Option

PC Option, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_14

Specializes in PC, computers, as well as different PC parts and accessories.

Has a decent collection of laptops, but is comprised mostly of desktops as well as desktop parts. The online shopping feature and accessible website makes it easier to purchase items.

Locations – Shaw Boulevard Corner Ideal Street, Mandaluyong, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong, 1550

Websites –

15. Galleon Philippines

Galleon Philippines, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_15

Find items not available in the Philippines, the Best Amazon Alternative in the Philippines. A enormous task for a start-up like us with limited capital. We had to start to thinking smart.

Highly recommend! Makes purchase items from abroad easier and delivered right at your door step. Without any hassle.

Locations – Unit 504, 5th floor, Raffles Corporate Center, Emerald Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1660 Metro Manila

Websites – Built in with Hypertext Preprocessor

16. Enigma Technologies Inc.

Enigma Technologies, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_16.png

Sells mainly PCs, computers, and PC accessories as well as laptops, gadgets and more.

Enigma price list:

A good place to buy laptops because they have a large selection, from personal laptops, multimedia laptops, gaming laptops and more at many different price ranges.

Locations – Laguna, Makati, Cavite, Angeles
Websites –

17. Octagon Computer Superstore

Octagon Computer Superstore, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_17.png

Sells a wide selection of PCs, computers, PC accessories, speakers, and more.

Has a wide selection of PCs and PC parts but as for their laptops, the selections are more limited.
Locations – Quezon City, Manila, Makati, Pasig, Taguig, San Juan, Zamboanga
Websites – Built in with OpenCart

18. Thinking Tools

Thinking Tools Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_18.png

A company which sells many different gadgets like desktops, laptops, printers, desktop power supplies, ifixit pro tech toolkit, and computer tools brands.

Known for having a wide variety of gadgets to choose from. Their laptop selection is also sizable, although lack variety in the gaming laptop department. Personal and student laptops are abundant, however.

PC Quickbuys SM Cebu Contact

2nd Level, SM City-Cebu CYBERZONE Cebu City 6000 Philippines
+ 63 32 238-8108

2nd Level, SM City-Consolacion CYBERZONE Consolacion, Cebu 6001, Philippines
+63 32 423-4238

Locations – San Juan, Cebu, Carcar City, Tagbilaran City, Sobrecarey, Davao [branches]
Websites – Built in with Bootsrap


One of the few PC shops for those living down in Mindanao. A Laptop store in Davao city and General Santos City which sell computers, CCTVS, and more.

A great option for those living in Mindanao, and have a moderate selection of laptops to choose from. There is a lack of accessibility and they have no online shop available, however.
Locations – Davao, General Santos, Tagum City
Websites –

20. Digital Interface


Another store in Davao City which sells different electronics such as printer, computers, laptops, CCTVs, and other home appliances and gadgets.

Has an adequate selection of laptops for personal and office use, but lacks variety in the high-end and gaming
Locations – Davao City
Websites –

21. Davao Computer


Another company in Davao which sells PC parts as well as different sorts of hardware.

Have many different and specific PC parts however their laptop selection is more limited, and may not contain some specific types of models especially those less known, as well as gaming laptops.

Locations – Davao

22. Columbia Computer Center

columbia computer center,Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_21.png

A computer store in Mindanao which sells PC, PC parts, laptops, as well as laptop accessories and other gadgets and electronics.

Has a catalogue of different laptop models from all ranges, however the variation of brands is limited. They have in stock mainly laptop-only brands.
Locations – Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, General Santos


pcworx, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_22.png

A shop which sells PCs, PC accessories, laptops, as well as different operating systems for your machines.

Has a very wide selection of different laptops which make it a great place to buy for those looking for something very specific to their needs and line of work. Another convenient factor is that they also sell furniture related to computer and laptop use.

Locations – Manila, Quezon City, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, Angeles, Tarlac, Subic Bay, General Santos, Davao, Olongapo
Websites – Built in with PHP

24. Emcor

Emcor, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_23.png

Mainly sells home electronics but also extends to higher forms of technology such as laptops and laptop accessories. One of the best Bajaj Re, PIaggio APE, furniture and air conditioner seller in Davao city Philippines;

Because they are mainly an appliances company, their selection of laptops is not very wide but those looking for non-gaming laptops for business, school, or work will easily be able to find something that suits them.

Locations – Davao, South Cotabato, Zamboanga, Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Negros Occidental

25. Complink

Complink, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_24.png

A company which mainly cells computers and laptops, but also has other accessories in their catalog.

One of the best websites to get a laptop because of their very large variety of laptops, from simple laptops to high range and gaming ones. They also have additional processors and storage to add to your purchased laptop.

Locations – Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong

26. Silicon Valley Philippines

One of the top and most renowned IT sellers and resellers in the country, selling phones, laptops, computer, and other electronics.

Sells laptops from many different.

Silicon Valley contact number (632)371-6868

Locations – Quezon City, Pasay, Makati, Paranaque, Mandaluyong, Cavite, Laguna, Muntinlupa, Marikina, Manila


Asus Vivo 15 X540UP DM020T, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_26.png

Offer the best affordable deals in Brand new and Used Computer and Monitors, Laptop, PC Parts, Computer Case, Desktop Accessories and CCTV Products, and more on their online shopping website.

Has a very large online catalogue to buy numerous electronics. They have laptops of different price ranges, processor speeds, as well as types. Their online listings are also very organized and the fact that you are able to buy online adds to the convenience.

Locations – 126 Pioneer St., FMF Compound, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1550, exclusively sells online.
Websites: Built in with PHP

28. Easy PC

Easy PC Computing Simplified, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_27.png
Sells mainly computers and a wide selection of different computer parts, rakk gears, pc builder and accessories to build your own PC.

A great place not only to buy computers and laptops, but also specific parts for the machine so you can customise and alter, as well as accessorise your computer making it a great site for those who want to make sure their laptops will truly suit their needs.

Locations – Makati, Alabang, Sucat, Ortigas, Fairview, Bacoor, North Ave.

29. PoundIt Philippines

poundit philippines, Best_Place_to_Buy_a_Laptop_28.png
An exclusively online store that sells many different electronics and gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops, audio equipment, speakers, gaming mechanical keyboard, cameras and more.

Their large catalogue makes it a good place to choose a laptop, and their shipping and online shopping option makes it convenient for those who want to look for a machine in the comfort of their homes.

Locations – None, only sells online
Websites –

30. DynaQuest PC


A website which specializes in selling PCs, laptops, tech-ware, gaming keyboards, Motherboard and other PC parts and accessories for a desktop setup.

Because of their specialisation in desktops and laptops, they have a large catalogue of very specific laptops and parts and the website has the added convenience of online shopping.

Locations – Makati, Manila, Ortigas, Sucat
Websites – Built in with Shopify

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