Every single award-winning Tory Burch item available is designed and crafted by Ms. Burch herself. It was just recently that she became a part of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women as number 73 through her great contribution to the world of fashion and accessories.

Her own fashion label was just launched in the month of February in the year of 2004 as a retail store in Manhattan inside the Nolita district. Thus, authenticating a legit fake Tory Burch classic Reva and how to spot a fake one is one of the best things to do.

As of 2019, there have been more than 250 stores worldwide which is imbibed by more than 3000 specialty and department stores www.toryburch.com// around the world. The Working Mother also gave her a special distinction as part of the 50 powerful moms from 2015. Most of her profit in the last three years was given to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Later on, she was also awarded the Sandra Taub Humanitarian Award.

Why Use a Legit Tory Burch Classic Reva?


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Who is Tory Burch?

Burch was born and raised in Valley Forge in the state of Pennsylvania. She was personally taken care of by Reva and Ira Earl with her three brothers in a farmhouse. Her father was a wealthy investor for stock exchange and paper cups manufacturing company. She attended Agnes Irwin School which was located in Rosemont in the state of Pennsylvania during her elementary and high school years. During her college years, she attended the University of Pennsylvania as she studied there majoring in art history and had her graduation in 1988.

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Authenticating a Tory Burch Classic Reva


First things first. For every item of Tory Burch Classic, please always expect a leather piece below the emblem itself. With this being said, you would definitely know that the accessory or any item is a legit Tory Burch item. With their classic shoes, the brand became one of the most favorites in the world. However, there is always a scam for every product that exists in the store whether on a department store or in various online platforms.


The replication of the said shoes has been around since it was first manufactured and made available online. This is very rampant in the online stores such as Amazon or in eBay every time you get to see it in the feeds of the platforms, on some luxury stores, you can buy these classic ballet flats for around the price of $170. In various ecommerce platforms, you can get this as low as $50 or $80 per pair which is very surprising since it is almost half of the price cut from what you can buy from the store.

If you lay your hands on each, you can see that they seem to be very real along with their boxes, paper bags, and price tags that are attached on every pair that you buy. This has also been something that you can notice on all items you buy online. So better watch out what are these and how it becomes fake.

If you find these, these are indeed FAKE and not legit. Almost everyone wants very affordable stuff which is so far from the original ones.

Tory Burch Classic Reva

Tory Burch Reva is comfy flats, stylish, and sturdy footwear which will never go out of style since it’s very on the time. Remember that these will never go out of style since they are not that affordable for those who have low-class income. Looking like the real thing, there are tons of Revas that come in every store available.

Before bidding any price that you see on any of the stores or the platforms, please take note that it is made in Brazil. Only the shoes are the ones that are made in Brazil since the bags are the ones which are made in China. So if you see a Reva made from China, it is a fake! Even they claim to be made from China, the shoes are just only to be made in Brazil. So be aware!

The Real Price

In the official site of Tory Burch, the Classic Reva costs around $195 up to $240 or more than 10,900 pesos. If they go on sale, they can go down as low down as $110 which are the ones licensed by Tory Burch shops. On department stores, the legit ones go at least $150 but one thing that you have to remember is that you have to buy them in bulk or wholesale. Buying them in just a single or two pairs would mean higher price in some stores.

Overruns and those being sold from outlets are cheap. The outlets have always been ceilings on the prices which is regardless when you purchase a thousand pairs of Classic Reva. Thus, it is very not reasonable to sell a pair for $80 up to $100 because a single pair costs $150.00. Only crazy sellers would be the one to do it. If you have wide feet, these may be the shoes for you. Reviewers have said they fit their wide feet well, making them a comfortable shoe for extended wear. Take a look at their size chart to be sure you get the perfect size for you.

The Box

How to Tell if Your Tory Burch Flats is Authentic NOT Fake

The blue with the orange printed box represents the authentic Tory Burch packaging. It is very hard to spot since anyone who manufactures well and also smart enough can do this. The logo must appear in the center and measurement is always 4 by 4. If there is a discrepancy in the measurement on the logo of the box itself, this is definitely fake. Messy ink and bleeding prints mean you just got a fake one.

The Wrappers

The Tory Burch Revas will always come wrapped in very soft paper or tissue. But for anyone who loves these pair so much, these are made not just like any type of tissue but something that represents the legitimacy of your Tory Burch Reva. If you order a pair from the US, there will be many or even tons of tissue pieces which are wrapped on the sides of it. Some of the remaining are stuffed on the shoes to have the shape preserved while on its way for fulfillment to any country.

If you get one from the Greenbelt, Makati, you would notice that there are a decent amount of tissue pieces inside the box as well inside the shoes. But some of it has plastic rods inserted along with the shoes. The logo itself has tissues wrapped around it. Purchasing one which does not tissue on the logo means you just got a fake one.

The Buckle

The Classic Reva buckles always come in gold and silver metallic color. Remember that you would not like to see Bronze color on it since it fake! Brand new ones or the authentic ones do not have plastic wraps or tissue pieces on the buckles itself. There is a separate piece of leather located in the buckle of the shoe. It must sit on the top of the leather cur right on the metal chains behind the buckle itself. If the shoes are indeed glued on the shoes, it is very fake!

Leather, Body, and Stitching


Tory Burch Revas which are authentic comes from a straight piece of leather material that is formed into a nice pair of shoes. These are made from sectioned stitched pieces of leather materials. The middle part of the heel of the Reva is joined together. The curve on foot area means the section parts are fake.

The stitching runs like a letter V, not U or any other letter over the shoe. The stitches must come straight to your shoes in a straight or vertical manner. Make sure that the thread is made from thick materials.

The Classic Reva is always made from Nappa leather since it is genuine. The box must indicate that is a REAL LEATHER to say that is genuine. If it does not say like that, it means that it is fake. It should not be too shiny or not too matte with a fainting shade of sheen. Closely, the leather must have tiny dots along with the straps since it develops lines that will fold through wear and tear. It softens in time so don’t worry if it feels hard at first. If you do not see those lines on the shoes, it means it is fake. When you see the leathers as shiny as they should not be, it is indeed fake. You can tell the quality of the hardware and color is much different. Also, the leather is softer and grains are smaller.

Label, Size Indicator, and Markings

How to Tell if Your Tory Burch Flats is Authentic NOT Fake 06

The size, materials, and the code makes it as an authentic Classic Reva which are stamped on the inside compartment of the shoe. It should have printed statements like LEATHER UPPER, MAN MADE SOLE, LEATHER LINING, MADE IN BRAZIL, and more! The code the size must be together with each other. The markings that are found is at the toe part of the Revas itself. If you have shoes like that where the print is near the heel part of the classic shoe. It is indeed the fake product that you just got.

The suggested retail prices must be contained in a sticker on the box side of the exterior. There must be a picture of the shoes itself that is attached on the left or the right side of the stickers. The barcode must locate below on the photo of shoes. The boxes must have descriptions on the top of the box which comes in a small sticker from an authorized store seller. Fake Revas must have stickers on the exterior of the box itself.

The fake ones can be spotted through the labels and size indicators due to their wrong style and wrong sizing. The authentic Revas must have a transparent and round sticker which are taped n sole of the sides of the shoes. The number and letters must be printed in gold color and the sizes which come in 5M, 9M, or 10M.

The size must be encircled so if your shoes have a square lining with transparent stickers, they are fake items.


If you have bought a few Tory Burch Classic Reva and they have all been fakes, you must always pay careful attention to the tags. They are not necessarily the inside compartment tag but the outside tag itself. The outside symbol must come to be a light gold color and not deep copper-gold shade. It should come in a large font on the tags, not a small tiny font, to begin with. Also, the embossment on the stamp should be aligned altogether. Majority of legit TB tags are almost perfectly stamped in the center of the tag as well.


If you bought a Tory Burch Classic Reva and suspect its fake. Don’t accept the order right away… Compare the tags before anything else and if it does not seem right flag it as a return and upload the product photos of the tag and shoe itself. The store where you bought it or the platform itself will give you a label to return the shoes and get your refund. Don’t make the same mistake just like any other else and accept it and be tucked just like that.

Another thing I need to point out. The T and H at the beginning and end of Tory Burch should align with each side of the Tory symbol. So if the Tory Burch in the tag doesn’t start at the edge of the circle and end at the other edge – it’s a fake. The tags in the products coming from manufacturers are real.

If you have received a fake Tory item bought on any platform or in any physical store. You must know that the authentic Tory zipper pulls parts should have “TORY BURCH” etched on both edges of the pull.

I think if you follow the TH rule where the T should be aligned to the circle as well as the H – you could probably tell that most of the fake tags on posh. Also, if you have been trying to flag the fakes, another way to tell if you are getting anything authentic is the price. If the priced too well to be true, it is a problem indeed for all.

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