But guess what? This is only a trip via public transportation of Victory Liner. Yes, it is possible to have a stress-free trip even if you don’t have your own car. You can choose from a regular bus or a deluxe bus that is to your own liking.

Sitting on a soft and comfortable couch, cool air touching your skin, and a breathtaking view at your window side – the ideal trip for all seasons. Whether you are going alone, with your loved one, family, or even friends, you are sure to have the best experience yet.

Offering various trips, whether one way or round trip, to major destinations, Victory Liner has it. You can go to your nearest Victory Liner Terminal to personally book or go for a hassle-free Victory Liner online booking.


Victory Liner, is it part of the traffic solution?

With the traffic in the world’s cities increasing, action to minimize traffic is inevitable to avoid complete gridlock. Manila is no different as it experiences major traffic problems everyday of the week.

Strict traffic law enforcement has little impact on the number of vehicles found on the roads of Manila every day, which causes untold problems for commuters.

Manila traffic problems cost the country billions of dollars every year and if the government cannot find a quick solution then we as citizens should do everything in our power to make the country run smoothly and take other transport options.

James Deakin from the popular car show Drive describes Manila traffic as at crisis levels! I guess few would disagree with him as we continue the nightmare drudge of commuting through Metro Manila on a daily basis.

So let us discuss one potential solution to making our commuting life’s easier and less stressful.

How does Victory Liner provide part of the solution?

Well, it is easy for all to understand that a large part of the traffic solution is to use a transport system that can move commuters in large numbers that in turn takes cars off the road. Simple mathematics I am sure you will agree.

Every day Victory Liner deploys more than nine hundred (900) buses from its ten strategically based depots across Manila.

Victory Liner carries passengers throughout the Metro with regular drop offs for the convenience of its passengers while at the same time Victory Liners transports its passengers to the provinces within Luzon.

Top 5+ Bus Companies operating in Metro Manila.

From researching and checking reviews, you will find the top five best bus companies operating throughout Metro Manila below.

1. Victory liner
2. Five Star Bus Company
3. DLTB Co. Bus
4. JAC Liner
5. JAM Liner
6. ALPS The Bus, Inc.
7. Genesis Transport
8. Philtranco

So, why choose Victory Liner?


Victory Liner offers a reliable scheduled service everyday of the week with well-maintained First Class and Regular air-conditioned buses and professional drivers.

Victory Liner has regular drop of points throughout Manila such as Sampaloc, Kamias, Pasay and other populated areas of the city. Victory Liner also offers the best provincial bus service in Luzon. Victory Liner is considered the number one operator in Manila as it offers the very best service to its customers.

Victory liner has been in business since the Second World War and today Victory Liner is recognized as Manila’s largest and best bus company. Victory Liner is transporting passengers daily through the city and to the provincial areas in Luzon.

Victory Liner offers a deluxe bus service to Baguio daily. Buses are clean and with air-conditioning and as expected all for a very competitive fare.

Another destination that customers appreciate greatly is to Clarke airport. As more scheduled flights are dispatched from Clarke airport customers can arrive hassle free and on time for their flight, feeling cool and fresh with Victory Liner service.

How to Apply Victory Liner Premiere Card?

Apply for your Victory Liner card at any of the Victory Liner terminals or check online for details at www.victoryliner.com. Once you avail the card, you are able to book tickets by phone or online with your prepaid card making your Victory liner experience even better than before.

victory_liner_premiere_card.jpgThere are more than four thousand loading options for your Victory Liner card. You can load at Petron, Robinsons, SM, and RD Pawnshop and more including Metrobank.

Your card will attract points the more you travel with Victory Liner. You can then later redeem your points for another trip you are planning.

If you are a tourist in Manila, and have availed, the Victory Liner cards take advantage of using the Victory Liner Pasay Hotel. You can expect the same levels of service and courtesy you have experienced with Victory Liner.

When availing a Victory liner prepaid Visa card through Metrobank you can enjoy the benefits of using visa where ever you travel in the world, reserving bus tickets via their phone hotline, enjoying a special VIP lane instead of the regular ticket lane, buying and reserving of tickets online, sending and receiving money since it can be used as a regular Visa debit card since it is powered by the Metrobank Card group and as long as the cardholder has loaded it with enough money plus it can also be used as a discount card on several partner establishments of the bus company.

How to book the Victory Liner Bus Online

If you’re traveling soon, booking a flight is one of the most important parts of finalizing your plans. But between constantly changing airlines prices and the many different options of where to purchase your flight, booking can get a little confusing.

The following methods will help you successfully book the best flight for your upcoming travel.

You can buy your ticket over the counter or visit our provide button below. Thank you.

Book Now

How To Send Packages or Shipment in Victory Liner

Did you know Victory Liner could ship your packages from terminal to terminal or door to door if you wish? Sending packages from Manila at the lowest shipping rates to the provinces is the best option you will find. Victory Liner offers one of the most cost effective ways to send your package.

By using this service your relatives just need to go to the Victory Liner terminal at the scheduled time and retrieve their package as scheduled and on time.

To take advantage of this service. Contact Victory Liner directly at the terminal or by phone or through www.victoryliner.com for further details and fees.

Best ideas for travel

Wherever you are traveling, it is always the best idea to plan your trip. When I say advance I do not mean the day before. Try to book your journey albeit business or pleasure at least two weeks before you travel.

If using Victory Liner, this will give you peace of mind and guaranteed seats for you journey. This is important because some of the Victory Liner journeys such as traveling to Baguio take around 5 hours so demand for seats can be high on premium buses like Victory Liner.

Whether traveling long distances or commuting within Manila pre-booking your tickets is the best idea to avoid delays and disappointment.

Victory Liner review Summary

In my opinion, it is always the best idea to travel with the largest bus company in the market and in Manila, this happens to be Victory liner.

Why do I choose this way? It is easy because I know there are millions of other travelers who have gone before me and it is more than likely I can find a multitude of reviews good and bad offer me to make my choice.

In this case, Victory Liners has gained all of the reviews needed to make that all-important decision of what bus company you should choose.

The fact is that Victory liner offers a comprehensive travel itinerary with scheduled departures and arrivals from its terminals. The buses are not old and well maintained.

My customer service experience with Victory Liner staff is the best I have found travelling in Manila.
The company offers a real solution to traffic problems in Manila if only more commuters would give up on their cars and place their transport needs with Victory liner.

I have provided a table below that will give you most of the information needed for booking with Victory liner including terminal-to-terminal fares.

To guide you along the way, refer to the terminal routes:

713 Rizal Avanue Ext, Caloocan City
Olongapo to Iba & Sta. Cruz to Zambales
Baguio to Dagupan to Guagua to Pampanga
683 EDSA, Cubao, Quzon City
Baguio to Dagupan to Lingayen to Iba
Olongapo to Alaminos to Bolinao
#766 EDSA Corner East Avanue, Quezon City
Cagayan Valley including Santiago,Jones, Aparri, Aurora, Ilagan, Isabela, Tuguegarao, Tabuk, Tuao,
651 EDSA Pasay City
Olongapo to Baguio to IBA
Lingayen Guagua to Pampanga
Cagayan Valley (Tuguegarao)
551 Earnshaw St., Baranga 401, Sampaloc, Manila
Pangasinan, Baguio, Cagayan Valley, Zambales,
Marcos Avenue, Alaminos, Pangasinan
Cubao to Sta.Cruz Zambales to Daguapn
Baguio Old Terminal
Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City
Olongapo to Pasay to Caloocan to Cubao to Sampaloc
Baguio Passenger Centre
Utility Road Cor. Old Forestry Road.
#002 Marcoville Baguio City
Calero, Ibayo Balanga City, Bataan
Perez Blvd. Herrera-Perez, Dagupan City
Caloocan to Baguio to Cubao to Pasay
San Nicolas, Guagua, Pampanga
Pasay to Cubao
Iba Zambales
Brgy. Palanginan, Iba, Zambales
Pasay to Sampaloc to Caloocan to Daguapn
Sta. Cruz, Zambales to Olongapo to Cubao
Avenida Rizal East, Lingayen
Cubao to Pasay
#27 Anonas St. West Bajac-Bajac Olongapo City
Balanga Bataan to Baguio to Dagupan
IBA & Sta. Cruz to Zambales to Caloocan
Pasay to Sampaloc to Cubao
Callao East, Santiago City
Cubao to Pasay to Sampaloc
Tuguegarao to Aparri to Tuao to Tabuk
Cagayan Valley(Tuguegarao)
Sta. Cruz Zambales
Poblacion North Maniago St., Sta.Cruz, Zambales
Dagupan to Caloocan to Sampaloc
Olongapo IBA Zambales
#4 Highway Road,Pengue- Ruyu, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Call: Tel: (078) 844-0777
To guide you along the way, refer to the following terminal schedules:
From & Going to
Bus Type
Departure Schedule
Cubao to Baguio
Regular Aircon
2:00AM, 4:00AM, 5:00AM, 6:00AM, 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 10:30AM, 11:30AM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM, 6:00PM, 8:00PM, 9:00PM, 11:30PM
First Class
Kamias Terminal to Tuguergarao
Regular Aircon
5:30AM & 10:30PM
First Class
Caloocan to Sta. Cruz Zambales
Regular Aircon
Caloocan to Iba Zambales
Regular Aircon
Baguio to Pasay
Regular Aircon
First Class
Baguio to Cubao
Regular Aircon
7:40AM & 4:20PM
First Class
Wanting to have the popular first class experience? Refer to the table for the Victory Liner Deluxe Schedule – First Class 2×1 with CR.


Trip from & to
Baguio to Cubao
₱ 750.00
Baguio to Pasay
₱ 750.00
Never limit your traveling satisfaction if you have no car. Because you can still enjoy it with Victory Liner. You don’t realize it but having to take the public transportation instead of driving your own car has its own perks: you can contribute in lessening the traffic in roads and highways and also you’ll never have to stay aware for a 12 hour drive to your desired destination. You’ll be able to sleep, eat, or even watch a movie via you mobile phone or tablet whenever you want. Great right? Book now for your Victory Liner First Class traveling experience.
Victory Liner is also running various promotions and contests to win great prizes or different trip promos, be updated with Victory Liner’s Promos or keep in touch through Victory Liner’s Facebook Page
Interested? For more inquires and suggestions, please call Victory Liner at the following contact number :
·         Landline: (+63)2-361-1506
·         Mobile Numbers: (+63)917-842-5463 or (+63)922-842-8679
You can also send Victory Liner a direct message here.
Hope you’ll have a fun and safe trip.


Got more to share? How was your trip and experience with Victory Liner?



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