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Social media giant Twitter revealed on Monday their all-new feature for extensive effort to employ people to flag disinformation on its website via a project known as Birdwatch.

As per the latest post of the Twitter blog section regarding the platform, Birdwatch will run independently from Twitter thus encouraging users to detect messages that could be inaccurate, deceptive, or any impression of misinformation, thanks to the platform’s recent initiative to stem false and malicious material.

The initiative involves Twitter and other social media networks under scrutiny for failing to mitigate or completely stop manipulation and rumors regarding several controversial and major events in the world, including the COVID-19 pandemic, latest updates the field of business, and other concerns.

An article by Agence France-Press explains further what the recent feature of Twitter is all about, saying that Birdwatch aims to eliminate all fragments of misinformation in the platform, extensively promoting an accurate and just representation of facts and crucial information.

Keith Coleman, the current Vice President of Twitter, said that this latest feature seeks for enlarging the range of voices that are part of addressing the widespread issue of misinformation in the platform and other social media network sites.

He added on the inception of the independent monitoring system of Twitter, “That’s why today we are introducing Birdwatch, the U.S. pilot of a new community-driven approach to help address misleading information on Twitter.”

Aside from flagging misleading content in the platform, Birdwatch also helps users to recognise facts in Tweets that they find to be deceptive and compose notes that offer meaning. Coleman attested to this additional feature of Birdwatch to intensify the company’s efforts in drawing the line between real information and a misleading one.

Coleman argued on the potentialities of the newly-implemented feature, “Eventually, the platform will have to gather information directly visible to our users through tweets to our audience in the platform worldwide should there be a consensus among a wide and diverse range of content creators.”

While the specifics of the Birdwatch initiative are yet to be found, it seems that it is focused on a crowdsourced methodology comparable to what Wikipedia implements, where substantial knowledge is reviewed and validated by a broad variety of outlets, and then the content will be subjected for approval of certain standards.

Meanwhile, Twitter issued an announcement via a post that they are looking for testers to assess the stability and functionality of the Birdwatch program.

“We’ll use your notes and feedback to help shape this program and learn how to achieve our goal of letting the Twitter community decide when and what context to add to a tweet,” the platform added.

Recent data from Brandwatch suggests that Twitter is currently home to 330m monthly active users, and 145 million of them are active everyday. With a total of 1.3 billion accounts created since its inception, Twitter is one of the most massive social media networks in the world.


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