The advancement of technology did not only bring easy ways to live our lives, but also groundbreaking discoveries of earning and saving money. Utilizing these technologies for investment is probably one of the wisest ways we could actually do nowadays.

No wonder how everyone else, especially OFWs do not stop on looking for methods to earn more.

Now, here’s a great deal. We found a good franchised business for OFW while abroad.

Consider yourself not just a Hero working abroad, but an Entrepreneur earning for the future. Here is one the tips to save money for OFW- franchise TouchPay APM.


What is TouchPay?

TouchPay ( is the first and only automated payment and wireless credit card machine in the Philippines. Considered as Manila’s express payment system, this is the answer to all the customers’ hassle-free experience of paying bills.

Through this machine, all customers can pay any bill they have, from water bill to loans. Customers can pay anywhere and anytime to APM terminals near them.
Now considered in the list of one of the top franchise business in the Philippines, this online credit card processing machines are giving opening its doors to all Filipinos out there to expand their money and earn through these all in one payment machines.

Why is everyone choosing to pay through TouchPay?

A lot of customers are patronizing this payment machines because of its convenience. All they need to do is choose the service they want, insert their cash and they’ll automatically received a receipt as a confirmation of their payment.

  • Power
  • Water
  • Landline
  • Cable Internet
  • Credit Card
  • Government Services
  • Insurance
  • Ticketing
  • Charity
  • Loans
  • Amortization
  • Education

All transactions here are guaranteed safe, the payment collections are secured, and you’re assured as someone who’ll franchise this business that all transactions are remitted to you in real time, for immediate posting and updating to accounts.

How to Start a TouchPay Franchise in Philippines?

  • You should submit a letter of intent to Their contact number if you want to enquire is (+632) 895-9995
  • You’ll undergo a preliminary interview and will be sited for evaluation for APM deployment.
  • Then you’ll move forward to Formal Application.
  • And the last step would be the grant of Franchising TouchPay APM.

How can I earn money from TouchPay APM?

The TouchPay payment system for all those who are interested to franchise APM and earn a commission every time a customer pay his/her are as follows;

  1. You should pay an upfront fee which includes working capital and government permits to your APM and have an access to TouchPay platform through a web link where you can see your transaction report in real time.
  2. For your APM to operate, put down money as the machines’ working capital. Rest assured that the machine you’re using are highly secured platform and it monitors your working capital balance in real time. For every transaction that occurs, cash comes in and the working capital will be subtracted. So you should be able to refill your working capital electronically as needed.

Once the customer are in any TouchPay APM kiosk locations and have paid their bills, all the cash that users put in is yours to keep. This cash sums up your profit plus the capital you provided earlier. Your return varies on all payments made and comes from the third parties who partnered with TouchPay.


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