S&R New York Style Pizza Menu, Promo & Prices

Membership shopping is more than what you think it is. Aside from offering affordable prices to some exclusive products in-house, they also offer food service both inside the establishment and delivery services with promo. The S&R Membership Shopping has a very popular extension in the foodservice sector. This is the S&R’s Pizza and people are clamouring for more and more.

Quite arguably, the S&R’s pizza is one of, if not, the most affordable New York Style pizzas out there in the market. The pizzas that they offer come in different flavours, toppings, and even features that a typical pizza in the corner does not have.

s&r new york syle pizza menu

These four default flavours in the S&R’s Food Service menu are as follows:

  1. Cheese pizza – a 16-inch New York style pizza with a tomato base, topped with different varieties of cheeses.
  2. Combo pizza – a 16-inch New York style pizza with a tomato base, topped with favourite veggies such as olives, bell peppers, and onions. Perfect for a healthy option of a pizza.
  3. Pepperoni pizza – a 16-inch New York style pizza with a tomato base, topped with pepperoni and cheese.
  4. Garlic Shrimp pizza – a 16-inch New York style pizza with a tomato base, topped with generous amounts of garlic and shrimp.

5 Types of slices in Pizza

SR New York Style Pizza Menu 011014

SR New York Style Pizza Menu 011016

SR New York Style Pizza Menu 011019

Why Should You Try S&R’s Pizza?

There are many reasons as to why you should give the S&R’s pizza a shot. Their pizzas are worth the price. Since it is a New York Style, they’re heavy and fulfilling to the bite as well as its hearty taste. Even a single slice can fulfil one’s appetite. Also, their pizzas are topped with high-quality ingredients, thanks to S&R-exclusive meats and vegetables that you can get to eat in their pizzas. Another thing that cannot be ignored is the simplicity and/or variety of the flavours. You just have four choices (or are they?) handed to you and they really vary from each other. These are the reasons why S&R is considered as one of the best, if not, the best pizza in Philippines.

SR Membership Shopping Taguig
Bonifacio Global City – S&R Membership Shopping



SR New York Style Pizza Burger
Double Cheesy Quarter Burger and Spicy Pulled Checken Sandwich

SR New York Style Pizza Wings and Fries

SR New York Style Pizza Menu Crispy Chicken Wings

SR New York Style Pizza New Chicken Sandwiches

SR New York Style Pizza Menu Boba Series Milk Tea

SR New York Style Pizza Menu All-In Big Deal
18″ Cheesy Burger Deluxe Pizza, 12 Pieces Wings and All Meat Pasta

SR New York Style Pizza Menu Bucket Souther Style Fried Chicken

The S&R Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

If you made it here, you must’ve been wondering as to what’s more than the default pizza flavours. This is one of the exclusive promo flavours that is offered in a limited time. Basically it is a pizza topped with ingredients that are in a tasty bacon cheeseburger. You have cheese, bacon, burger patties all chopped up, onions, dressings and more. If you want to taste the bacon cheeseburger in a totally different approach and you stumbled upon this one in your nearby S&R branch, you should give this a try.

S R New York Style Pizza

Ordering Hours
Sunday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Monday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Thursday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Friday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Cheese Slice ₱119.00
Cheese Slice w/ Drink ₱138.00
Cheese Whole ₱683.00
Garlic & Shrimp Slice ₱131.00
Garlic & Shrimp Slice w/ Drink ₱150.00
Garlic & Shrimp Whole ₱755.00
Combo Slice ₱131.00
Combo Slice w/ Drink ₱150.00
Combo Whole ₱755.00
Pepperoni Slice ₱131.00
Pepperoni Slice w/ Drink ₱150.00
Pepperoni Slice Whole ₱755.00
2 Pizza Flavor ₱815.00
Spicy Tuna Pizza ₱839.00
New York Pizza Deli ₱839.00
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Pizza ₱839.00
Cheesy Burger Deluxe ₱839.00
Creamy Pepperoni ₱839.00
Tropical Hawaiian ₱839.00
Hawaiian Burger ₱167.00
Quarter Pounder Cheesy Burger ₱143.00
Double Cheesy Pounder Burger ₱191.00
Hotdog w/ Bacon and Cheese ₱179.00
100% All Beef Hotdog ₱131.00
100% All Beef Hotdog w/ Drink ₱155.00
Savory Fries ₱155.00
French Fries ₱77.00
Chicken Caesar Salad ₱251.00
Clam Chowder ₱131.00
1pc Chicken w/ Rice ₱107.00
1pc Chicken w/ Rice w/ Drink ₱126.00
2pcs Chicken w/ Rice ₱179.00
2pcs Chicken w/ Rice w/ Drink ₱198.00
6pcs Chicken ₱479.00
10pcs Chicken Bucket ₱719.00
Extra Rice ₱30.00
Iced Tea 16oz ₱51.00
Iced Tea 22oz ₱76.00
Soda 16oz ₱51.00
Soda 22oz ₱76.00
Bottled Water ₱35.00

SR New York Style Pizza Pasta

SR New York Style Pizza Made-to-order Pizza

Available at: Grab Food

For more information about the S&R Food Service: www.snrshopping.com
Locations: www.snrshopping.com/location.html

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  1. snr dito sa antipolo wang mayo, walang mustrad Walanh tali. walang staff. ang mahal ng pizza dami kulang.. pa action naman costumer ako di ko nakukuha tamang service… nakakagalit.

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