The video here of the two high-school students doing love scene on the stairs of the (San Pascual National High School or Sports Complex Batangas city, netezins write on comments.)

The full video now available on video sharing site see also here: Bagito Scandal VIDEO Links Spotted on comments.

video photo stairs scandals of high school students leaks online

The scandalous video of the students leaks online and became viral and hot online – January 30, 2015. The video garnered thousands of shares and likes and continue to surface in social media sites.

The two young high school students much enjoy of illegal act at the stairs of the school building.

The copies of the video is now already downloaded and share true email and USB copies, soon it will be available on Philippine adult site and DVD copy.

HOW it leaks?

Darwin Castillo posted the video in his Facebook account named (Bagito Moves) and received millions of (positive-negative) comments.

Video/Photo (Xmas at Manila CR) Scandal of teenager leaks online

If you want to see the full video scandal pease put your email address here:




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