Reins Mika Wins the Digital Creator Award in EML 2021

Reins Mika Wins the Digital Creator Award in EML 2021

Manila’s Reins has successfully received the thirty-seventh Elite Model Look, or EML for short, the award entitled World Digital Creator Prize, making her the first-ever Filipina to receive such an award.

The Tsinay model was revealed on 31st of January of the current year (which is February 1st AWST) as a recipient of four winners in the grand finals of the very first online version of the global competition for aspiring models.

The organizer of the said event announced the Pinay world finalist as the feminine champion in the competition’s Digital Maker category after earning a popular vote and the judges’ deliberation, besting Italian and US rivals. Mika’s win arrives with a first-class talent deal with a talent agency associated with the organizer of the event. A huge opportunity for the Filipina model!

Reins Mika went on social media to spread the positive news. “This is a truly a dream made into reality! I am now the first Pinay to win the EML World Finals Competition in Digital division, representing my pristine nation – the Philippines … Much love and appreciation, thank you very much to all those who have supported me on this wonderful “virtual” journey.”

Mika also included a quotation from Julia Haart of the EML panel:

“The new age is moving quickly… now, what considers as a true talent is somebody that has a fruitful message to tell, who advocates for something valuable and sentimental, who firmly believes, who is able to connect with their viewers. People are no longer seeing the conventional source, they’re looking at you!… It’s not because of your height or how beautiful you are. It’s about who someone really is, what he or she stands for, and his or her level of ambition.”

Reins Mika’s forefront on the said competition of Elite platform expresses the encouragement of the young model for all the women in the world:

“My greatest hope for our imminent future is that young women will never undervalue themselves. It does not matter how small or massive the upcoming challenge may be, it does not determine what is plausible for you. It is without a doubt essential to consistently remind each other to be greater than our recessive fears because each an every single one of us is amendable of anything as long as we are fully invested in it.”

The newly-crowned Filipina model is now sponsored by PMAP or the Philippine Models Association of the Philippines and has featured in numerous magazines and advertisements for national brands such as Human, Bench, Rustan’s, and the emerging Philippine natural cosmetics brand utilizing readily-available components, Pili Ani.

Some of the Philippine models who won world-renowned contests include ANTM 2017’s Maureen Wroblewitz, Adela Mae Marshall, and Ms. Monika Sta. Maria.

Cheer all of your heart and show some love to Reins Mika’s Instagram post about her victory! Mabuhay!

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