How to Prepare for Flooding in Manila How to Prepare for Flooding Manila Philippines

Have you ever wondered how to actually survive a flood? You have probably heard about some floods on the news. Maybe you have even experienced one. Flooding can happen anywhere. Learn on how to be prepared.

1. Evaluate Your Risk Typically, your risk will be higher the closer you live to a body of water.

2. Prepare Supplies. Having an emergency kit stocked and ready at all times is a good way to save time during an emergency.

3. Plan an Evacuation Route. Knowing where you will go and evacuating early are two ways to keep your family safe during a flood.

4. Prepare Flood Defences.

Create Sandbags – with a plastic sheet behind/interleave
Dig Flood breaks

5. Put Items as High as Possible. Keep items that will be damaged by water onto the upper floors. You may also want to do this with photos.

6. Listen to news and updates

7. Keep Rain Gear Suits or Clothing Easily Accessible.

8. Turn off Your Power. Shutting of your main circuit breaker is a safety precaution you do not want to forget about when flooding is a possibility.


Stay out of floodwater. Avoid drinking floodwater. Do not bathe in floodwater


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