Top 10 Most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines

The Philippines archipelago is composed of 7, 7,641 islands more or less. Though relatively small in area compared to any other countries, it is still impossible to travel the entire country in a month.

So, here’s the list of the top destinations of the Philippines you might want to visit first from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao.

#1. Palawan

The top 3 destinations in Palawan are Puerto Princessa, El Nido and Coron. Most visitors arrives Palawan via Puerto Princessa.

El Nido boasts its beautiful white sand beaches while Puerto Princessa houses a UNESCO heritage underground river. Coron on the other hand offers diving, snorkeling and island hopping that you shouldn’t miss.

Who would have thought that you can find all these beauty in one single province?

#2. Batangas (Taal Volcano)

Batangas houses the most differently situation volcano there is. Taal has an island within a lake, that is on an island within a lake, that is on an island within the sea. Peculiar right?

It is tagged as the second most active volcano next to Mt. Mayon.

You will surely fall in love with the amazing view that this volcano has to offer.

#3. Banaue, Ifugao

The rice terraces of Banaue are one of the most striking things to find in the Philippines. The emerald-green patios are an agricultural wonder around there. Your most great perspective on the terraces is at dawn, when mists and fog lift off the mountain to uncover the complex scene of the patios. The Batad Rice Terraces and the Bangaan Rice Terraces are protected UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Banaue Rice Terraces, when stretched horizontally is roughly half the Earth’s circumference. This is how amazing the hands of this Ifugao natives are.

#4. Cebu

Cebu has been the #1 most visited tourist destination in the country due to its strategic location. It has become a portal to various other destinations in the country. Thanks to the first ever resort-airport in the world, Mactan International Airport Terminal 2.

Cebu houses almost all the things you could think of in a tropical destination. Chasing waterfalls in Badian and Kawasan and the beautiful white sand beaches in its little islets like Bantayan, Sumilon, and Malapascua. You can also go hiking at Osmeña peak or experience the beautiful gardens of Sirao. How about swimming with the whale shark or even just experiencing the life in this historic Queen City of the South?

Food lover? Cebu has one of the most appetizing delicacies and dishes in the country starting of with the famous Lechon. You need more than a week to cover all the jaw-dropping and Instagram worthy destinations here.

#5. Dumaguete

Also known as the City of Gentle People, Dumaguete is a home to the best diving spots, mountain range, astounding beaches, long waterfalls and hot springs. Once in Dumaguete, you mus try hiking Cuernos de Negros and discover its grandeur and beauty.

It is also a gateway to other tourist destination, Apo Island and Siquijor.

From a very laid-back lifestyle to being a hustling and bustling party district at night, Dumaguete has still much more to offer.

#6. Ilocos

Ilocos is a region in the Philippines in the northwestern cost of Luzon. It’s known for its historic sites, beaches and the well-preserved Spanish colonial city of Vigan.

It is the home of some historical sites such as the Malacañang of the North, St. Augustine Church, and of course Vigan. Additionally, Vigan is a known for its preserved Spanish Architecture with its famous Calle Crisologo and Plaza Burgos.

Of course, don’t forget to visit Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte.

#7. Boracay

Boracay is not only popular in the Philippines but also globally for its white sand beaches.

It has been visited by most tourist from around the world. You can party, eat and swim at your own choice. There are also a lot of water sport activities that the island has to offer such as snorkeling, diving, jet ski, parasailing, just name it.

#8. Davao

Davao has two most frequently visited sites, the Mt. Apo, the tallest mountain in the country and Samal Island.

Samal Island is one of the top place to visit in Mindanao. The view is amazing, the food is superb and the people are extremely nice. Mt. Apo on the other hand is a sleeping volcano and is a home to the Philippines’ national bird, the Philippine eagle.

#9. Surigao

Surigao Del Sur is Known for the Enchanted River.

The enchanted blue river of Hinatuan is believed to be a home of the spirits. The locals here believes that this river is being taken cared of this spirits making it aqua blue and surreal deep.

On the North is where you can find Siargao. Siargao became in one of the most popular places to visit in the Philippines. This island is known for surfing and island hopping.

#10. South Cotabato

Not known to many, Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is also a place noteworthy of visiting. This highland village offers cool mountain temperatures, beautiful waterfalls, and scenic lake views. Lake Sebu is the homeland of the peaceful T’boli people.

There are still a hundred more tourists destinations to uncover in the Philippines that has not been mention above but are for sure very much worth it to visit. We have the Mayon Volcano in Albay, the beautiful pink beaches in Zamboanga and Tawi-tawi and a lot more.

If you are planning to travel out of the country, pause it, and discover first the grandeur that Philippines has to offer. There’s a bounty hidden in every island that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

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