Primary education lays the foundation fora child’s academic path and hence many parents in Singapore find the selection of a primary school for their child a very stressful experience. For many parents in Philippines, academic achievement is still an important marker of success.

As there Isn’t any official ranking (understandably so), parents are left looking for other indicators of a school’s success.

You can’t compare the different School systems in the Philippines, But you can group them and compare them within their own group.

school building

International Schools
1. International School Manila (International)
2. British International School (British)
3. Brent International School (American)
4. Beacon International School (Chinese)
5. Manila Japanese School (Japanese)
6. Fountain International School (Turkish)
7. Faith Academy (American)
8. Reedley International School (Singaporean)

Philippine Schools (Government)
1. University of the Philippines HS
2. Philippine Science HS

Philippine Schools (Private/Sectarian)
1. Ateneo de Manila High (exclusive, boys)
2. Kostka High
3. La Salle Greenhills (exclusive, boys)
4. De La Salle Zobel (preparatory)
5. Claret School
6. San Beda Alabang
7. Xavier School (Chinese, boys)
8. Immaculate Conception Academy (Chinese, girls)
9. Grace Christian Academy (Chinese, Protestant)
10. Poveda College (exclusive, girls)



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