20 Best Induction Cooker in the Philippines

Gas stoves are no longer the default choice for a heat source when cooking, thanks to the accessibility of induction cooktops. They’re convenient, fire-free, and eliminate the possibility of harm caused by a leaking gas tank.

The key to getting the best induction stove experience is to find the right appliance. The good news is that you have lots of brands to choose from. You just need to know what they have to offer and what to expect with their equipment.

You’re in luck because this comprehensive guide outlines some of the best induction cookers in the Philippines in terms of brand, complete with some of the most pressing questions with answers that can help you make the right decision. Keep reading to know more.

Top 20 Best Induction Cookers In The Philippines

1. Imarflex

Imarflex is a Japanese brand that gained traction in the appliances industry in different parts of the world by making its products available in these areas including the Philippines in 1973. Some of the products the company offers include crock pots, turbo broilers, coffee makers, and more recently, induction cookers.

The company has service centers in Metro Manila such as Manila, Pasay, Muntinlupa, San Juan, Marikina, and Quezon City, just to name a few. It also has service centers in Baguio City, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Cebu, Bacolod, Zamboanga, and more.

Imarflex induction cookers are pretty reliable because they are not only durable, but also filled with essential features such as control, auto-off, and child-lock. Plus, the brand has portable and built-in units.
Imarflex Induction Cookers

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2. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is an American home appliances company that prioritizes high-quality and energy-efficient machines for all parts of the home. Its range of products includes washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and cooking appliances like induction cookers.

Those interested in getting Whirlpool induction stoves will be glad to know that the company has authorized service centers all over the country, from Metro Manila to different parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Induction cooktops from this brand offer several induction cooktops in the Philippine market, but keep in mind that some of their most available items have dual plates and may not be as portable as single-top ones.
Whirlpool Induction Cookers

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3. Philips Induction Cooker

Originating from the Netherlands, Philips has paved its way toward becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It started as an electronics company, with particular recognition for its home appliances before branching out to health technology.

Because Philips is a pretty popular brand, it is bound to have authorized service centers near you. The key is to get in touch with Philips Support to find a service provider that is nearest to your location. Visit the Philips Support Page or dial 86679000 to know more.

Philips induction cookers come with different features such as auto-off, 24-hour settings, touch panels, and more. These have two years warranty, so servicing and other eligible procedures may be covered. Keep in mind that eligibility is up to the company and/or its service center.
Philips Induction Cooker Top Elec Cooks Hotplate

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4. American Heritage

American Heritage is a brand that seeks to provide Filipino consumers with quality appliances to make home living a more convenient one. Its products include air conditioners, rice cookers, blenders, vacuums, and cooktops.

Potential buyers and current owners will be glad to know that the brand has several authorized service centers in the Philippines, including Metro Manila, Rizal, Surigao City, Butuan City, Dapitan City, and more.

American Heritage offers several induction cooker options that have standard features such as temperature control and timer settings. The best part is it has offerings with different cooking settings for better control.
American Heritage Induction Cooker Slim Type Infrared

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5. Tefal

Tefal or T-Fal is a France-based company owned by Groupe SEB that seeks to provide cookware and cooking appliances. Its specialties also include iron, kettles, food containers, home cleaning, drinkware, and more.

This brand has been providing reliable products of all kinds for homes all over the world. If you need to have your Tefal appliance serviced, you should get in touch with the company by emailing them at [email protected] or browsing your options.

Tefal offers induction cooktop options, but keep in mind that options in the Philippines may be limited. If you are interested in such products, you can expect your new cooking appliance to have different cooking functions, varying heating levels, and touch panels for convenience.
Tefal Induction Cookers Easy and Fast Cooking with EXPRESS Induction Hob

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6. Samsung Induction

Samsung is a South Korean company that provides all kinds of electronic products, from laptops and mobile phones to home appliances. It is one of the biggest conglomerates not only in South Korea but also around the world. It also has a diverse portfolio comprising electronics, appliances, construction, and more.

Those interested in getting Samsung induction cookers will be glad to know that it has service centers in major parts of the Philippines. You can find the authorized center with the help of its service provider finder.

Samsung induction cookers have limited availability in the Philippines. Your best bet is to check out various home appliance shops to find the best items. Some of the most notable features of these products include smart connectivity, glass touch controls, power boost, and super sleek design.

36 Smart Induction Cooktop in Black Stainless Steel Cooktop
36″ Smart Induction Cooktop in Black Stainless Steel Cooktop
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7. La Germania Induction Cooktops Stoves

La Germania is one of the most prominent stove brands out there, but one thing you should know about it is that it is under the Italian company Bertazzoni. It began exporting and manufacturing its ranges in the Philippines in the early 1960s.

This brand specializes in stove tops, which are noted for their performance and durability, so you can expect the same with their induction cooktops. This brand has a range of stoves with induction systems, including those with single and dual plates, as well as three ones with three zones.

Those interested in getting induction cookers from this brand will be glad to know that it has service centers all over the country including in Bicol, Cavite, Dagupan, San Fernando, San Pablo, Manila, Cagayan, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao.

La Germania Induction Cooktops 60 cm induction hob 4 zones and 1 bridge
60 cm induction hob, 4 zones and 1 bridge
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The Elba Induction Cooker features a sleek and stylish glass cooktop that adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The smooth surface is not only visually appealing but also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Equipped with induction technology, this cooker provides quick and precise heating. The electromagnetic fields generated by the induction elements directly heat the cookware, allowing for faster cooking times and improved energy efficiency. You can enjoy precise temperature control, enabling you to cook your favorite dishes with accuracy.

Elba, a renowned brand in the Philippines, originates from Italy. With a strong presence globally, Elba has successfully established its business in the Philippines, offering a wide range of high-quality kitchen appliances and services.

Elba’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable products has earned them a significant market share in the Philippines. Their appliances, known for their sleek design and practical features, cater to the needs and preferences of Filipino households. From gas ranges, electric ovens, and induction cookers to refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers, Elba offers a comprehensive selection of kitchen appliances to enhance cooking experiences.

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9. GE Profile Induction Cooktop

General Electric (GE) Appliance is an American home appliance company originating from Kentucky. It has been around for 100 years, making it an experienced and reliable source of home and kitchen devices including gas, electric, and induction cooktops.

The company launched a range of appliances under the Profile brand. Its induction cookers tend to be mid- to high-end and equipped with a variety of premium features such as Chef Connect, guided cooking, smart connectivity, and precision temperature control.

GE products are pretty reliable, but if you ever need to have your appliances serviced, you can get in touch with CYA Industries Inc, located in Pasig City, reachable at 6433456.

GE Profile 30 Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop
GE Profile™ 30″ Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop
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10. Empava Induction Cooktops

Empava is a California-based company with its own manufacturing facility to ensure the quality of its appliances. It may be a new name in the industry, but it is fast becoming a notable player because of the variety of products it offers, the quality it provides, and its affordability.

As a home appliance company, Empava carries a series of portable and built-in induction cooktops, ranging from two-plate stoves two multiple elements. You can also get kitchen appliance bundles with a cooktop and a combination of a hood, oven, refrigerator, and more.

Empava is based in the United States and currently has no presence in the Philippines. If you happen to get your hands on an Emava induction cooker, you can get assistance by filling out an issues submission form.

Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners Vitro Ceramic Smooth Surface Glass
Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners Vitro Ceramic Smooth Surface Glass in Black 120V, 12 Inch
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11. Nuwave Induction cooktops

Nuwave is a fairly new player in the home appliances industry that focuses on providing customers with safe, eco-conscious, versatile, and high-quality products. This American company offers a variety of products including cooktops and cookware.

Those looking for portable cooktops will find some of Nuwave’s products the most suitable. It offers cookers that removed unnecessary corners, creating a circular cooktop that takes less space. They offer precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

Like Empava, Nuwave does not have an authorized service center in the Philippines. The good news is you can get in touch with a representative with the help of its chat platform and email at [email protected].
Nuwave Induction cooker cooktops

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12. Midea

Midea has been providing high-quality appliances since 2013. It emerged as a partnership of Midea Global with Concepcion Industrial Corporation, forming Concepcion Midea Incorporated Philippines. As a home appliances brand, Midea creates machines that promote convenience, comfort, safety, and a healthy lifestyle for Filipinos.

This brand carries all kinds of appliances, but if you’re looking for induction cookers, then this brand is a good choice. Its magnetic-powered cooktops come with all kinds of features including six cooking settings, auto-off, and touch operation.

For concerns and other servicing needs, you can fill out the service booking form. You just need to enter your unit details and the required service. You can also get in touch via email at [email protected], a landline at 88645522, and Viber or SMS at 09178635522.
Media Induction Hob 4 Cooking Zones

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13. Dowell

Dowell has been providing a variety of home and kitchen appliance options to Filipinos since 1998. The brand seeks to do well in the appliance industry, which is how it got its name. Some of the products it offers include air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, and small kitchen machines.

The company’s catalog includes induction cookers that offer higher efficiency compared to other electric cooktop options. It has one of the slimmest designs you can find, making it suitable as a portable cooker. It has a friendly user interface with seven cooking settings.

The Dowell main office is located in Pasig City. The good news is that it has service centers in all three major island groups in the country namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. One of its authorized partners is Acoserve Inc, which has sites in Pasig, Cebu, Cainta, and Davao.

Dowell Induction Cooker IC-18V
Dowell Induction Cooker IC-18V
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14. Electrolux

Electrolux is another appliance company with a global presence. It is committed to providing innovative and practical products for its customers, which is why it offers a range of kitchen, laundry, floor, air, bathroom, and accessories.

For its selection of induction stoves, Electrolux has different types of offerings such as an oven cooking range with induction stovetops. You can also get a built-in or portable induction burner. These magnetic cookers come with features such as multiple power settings, touch operation, and for some, the PowerBoost heating option.

You can get in touch with the company for any issues by emailing them at [email protected] or giving them a call at 88544663. You can also reach out to them via their social media platforms. To find the best support for your unit, just use the company’s support search.

Electrolux 60cm UltimateTaste 300 built-in induction hob with 4 cooking zones
60cm UltimateTaste 300 built-in induction hob with 4 cooking zones
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15. Technik

Technik claims to offer endless cooking possibilities, which suggests a diverse range of appliances suitable for various cooking needs. This is a positive aspect, as it indicates that Technik understands the importance of versatility in the kitchen. Having access to a variety of appliances can enhance the cooking experience and enable users to experiment with different recipes.

The emphasis on innovative features and state-of-the-art design is commendable. Innovation in kitchen appliances can greatly simplify cooking processes, save time, and enhance convenience. Additionally, a modern and aesthetically pleasing design can add style to any kitchen. Technik’s commitment to combining innovation and design suggests that they strive to meet the expectations of contemporary consumers.
Technik Tabletop Induction Cooker

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16. Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Xiaomi is fast becoming a significant name in the electronics industry with its smartphones and tablets. However, this Chinese company has also been expanding to provide different home and kitchen appliances. Today, you can get your hands on various machines like air fryers, computers, and more.

Its catalog includes induction cookers that are optimally designed to be energy- and space-efficient. It has a built-in temperature sensor and control. The best part is that this offering has silicon pads surrounding the glass top to prevent your pots and pans from slipping.

Xiaomi has service centers in the Philippines. Keep in mind that the brand is more known for its smartphones and tablets, which could mean that some service centers may be more dedicated to these electronic devices. Make sure to call before heading to the store or get in touch with your local Xiaomi branch for recommendations.
xiaomi mi induction cooker

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17. Hyundai Induction Cooktops

Hyundai Corporation is a South Korean multinational conglomerate that operates various businesses, including the manufacturing of automobiles, electronics, and appliances. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Hyundai does not produce induction cookers as part of its product lineup.

The Hyundai Brand, renowned globally, has now expanded its offerings to the Philippines, providing a comprehensive range of electronics and home appliances.

Presenting Hyundai Home Appliances, a diverse collection that includes LED TVs, air-conditioning systems, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and much more. These products are thoughtfully designed to suit the needs of all types of Filipino households.

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18. Kyowa

The Kyowa Digital Induction Cooker are a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance that combines modern technology with convenience. With its sleek design and advanced features, this induction cooker offers a high level of cooking precision and efficiency.

One of the standout features of the Kyowa Digital Induction Cooker is its digital control panel, which allows users to easily adjust cooking settings with precision. The panel provides a clear and intuitive interface, making it simple to select and adjust temperature levels, cooking time, and other settings according to your specific needs.

Kyowa is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of home appliances and electronics. They offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of consumers in various aspects of daily life. Their product line may include kitchen appliances, home and personal care appliances, audio and video equipment, and more.

Kyowa focuses on delivering reliable, innovative, and high-quality products to its customers. They strive to provide solutions that enhance convenience, efficiency, and comfort in households.

kyowa induction cookers
Kyowa Digital Induction cooker
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19. American Home

The American Home Induction Cooker is designed to provide efficient and precise cooking performance using induction technology. Induction cookers utilize electromagnetic fields to heat the cookware directly, resulting in faster and more efficient cooking compared to traditional gas or electric stovetops.

One of the key advantages of the American Home Induction Cooker is its ability to deliver precise temperature control. With adjustable power levels and temperature settings, users can easily select the desired cooking temperature to suit different recipes and cooking styles. This precise control allows for better cooking results and prevents overheating or undercooking.

American Home is a reputable brand in the Philippines that offers a wide range of home appliances and electronics. With a focus on providing quality products at affordable prices, American Home has become a trusted name among Filipino consumers.

In terms of customer support, American Home has a network of service centers and authorized dealers across the Philippines. This ensures that customers can easily access after-sales services, including repairs and maintenance, if required.
American Home Induction Cookers

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17. Beko

The Beko Induction Cooktop features a smooth glass-ceramic surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean. The sleek design adds a modern touch to the kitchen while providing a durable and heat-resistant cooking surface.

One of the key advantages of the Beko Induction Cooktop is its safety features. Induction cooktops are generally safer to use compared to traditional gas or electric cooktops. The induction technology ensures that the cooktop surface remains cool to the touch during cooking, reducing the risk of accidental burns. Additionally, many models come equipped with safety functions such as auto-shutdown, child lock, and pan detection, further enhancing user safety.

Beko Induction Cooktops typically offer multiple cooking zones or burners, allowing for simultaneous cooking at different heat levels. This flexibility enables users to cook various dishes simultaneously, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

Beko Philippines provides a wide selection of appliances across various categories, including refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, and more. Their products combine advanced technology with user-friendly features and stylish designs, catering to the diverse requirements and preferences of Filipino consumers.
Beko has set up a network of authorized service centers in different locations across the Philippines. These service centers are staffed with trained technicians who are equipped to handle appliance repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Whether it’s addressing product issues, performing warranty services, or providing general support and assistance, Beko’s service centers strive to ensure customer satisfaction.
Beko Induction Cooktop Best induction cooker in the Philippines

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The Best Induction Cooker Brands in the Philippines

Now, even with the choice brands listed above, the range of options can still be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time purchasing this kitchen appliance. Why don’t we narrow down the list further?

If you are looking for a cooktop that can last you for a long time with good performance, reliability, and serviceability, you should check out items from reputable brands. These companies aim to maintain their good reputation by providing dependable appliances and accessible service providers.

This list covers some of the biggest names in the kitchen appliance industry such as Imarflex, Whirlpool, Philips, American Heritage, Samsung, La-Germania, GE, and Breville. You might want to pick a fixed or portable induction cooktop from these brands.

These companies tend to have high-end models for those who want the highest quality appliances for their kitchens. Just keep in mind that higher-end units from these brand names could be attached with a steep price tag, as well.

The good news is that they are also bound to have mid-range options that could satisfy your needs. Make sure to browse their categories to find out what they have to offer.

Mid-range Induction Cooker Brands in the Philippines

While big names may offer mid-range solutions for induction stoves, they may still be priced higher than other players in the industry. This is why you shouldn’t dismiss names that are relatively new to the kitchen appliance sector in the Philippines

Make sure to check out brands like Xiaomi, Dowell, Caribbean, and Tefal. These brands also offer affordable products with great performance. These are available in different retail sites such as department stores, appliance and electronics shops, and online platforms.

Keep in mind that mid-range and entry-level options may have limited features compared to more premium choices. While high-end models may have additional functions such as child lock, Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, and more.

When looking for an appliance that suits your needs and preferences, the best way to go is to pick a unit or model from a brand that you trust, with an accessible service center, and with high ratings in terms of reliability, and performance. This is why research about brands is an important part of the buying process.


Which is better, ceramic or glass induction cooker?

Induction cookers use electromagnets and copper coils to provide heat. When you place iron pots and pans on your induction plate, it activates the copper coils which then emanate heat to the cookware. Meanwhile, ceramic cooktops use radiant burners that provide heat even without contact with pans or pots.

Given this, induction cooktops are better. It only heats up when you place a suitable material on it because its heating mechanisms stop when not in contact with a suitable material, making it safer for you, your family, and your home.

How do I clean an induction cooktop?

An induction stove has a glass top, which is generally easier to clean. You can easily clean up spills, moisture, and oil splatters using a cleaning pad or soft cloth. Apply solutions that are glass- and ceramic-friendly, let sit for 15 minutes, then wipe. You can also dilute vinegar in water as an alternative.

Avoid using abrasive and aggressive cleaning materials and agents because they can damage the glass top.

Can you use cast iron on an induction cooktop?

Induction cookers rely on electromagnetism to work, so you need pots and pans that are ferromagnetic. Iron is a ferromagnetic metal, which means that cast iron materials will work on induction stoves.

What are the disadvantages of induction cooking?

These appliances offer lots of advantages but keep in mind that it has features that could serve as disadvantages.

Aside from not having a traditional heating source, induction stoves create a buzzing sound. They could also be pricey, but the good news is that there are more affordable options.

Another thing is that you need compatible cookware, which could be an added expense. You should also be wary about the glass top, which can be prone to damage due to impact and mishandling.

Nevertheless, induction stoves are a solid choice if you want something safe, convenient, and packed with features.

What is the difference between an induction cooktop and a glass cooktop?

Different types of stoves can have glass tops, including induction cooktops. The distinctions depend on the heating mechanism. Aside from induction stoves, other cooktops have glass tops like ceramic cooktops and gas burners.

What kind of pans do you need for an induction cooktop?

You need to use cookware made from ferromagnetic materials like iron. However, you can use pots and pans that are largely made from other materials but lined with a layer of magnetic metal at the bottom.

How to choose an induction cooker in the Philippines?

A wide variety of inductions cookers from different brands are available in the Philippines. The key to choosing the right appliance is to set a budget, list down the features you prefer, and start canvassing.

Visiting a kitchen appliances store is a good choice so you have lots of options that could satisfy your criteria.

Executive Summary

Induction cooktops offer a vast range of advantages including greater control, convenience, a variety of options, and more. With different options out there, you are sure to find the best induction cooktop that would suit your needs and wants.

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