How to Register your Dog In Philippine Canine Club – Easiest Way

How to Register your Dog In Philippine Canine Club – Easiest Way

Dogs are man’s best friend.

And there’s probably a never-ending list how we’re all fond of dogs and their ability to show affection in such depth that makes them different from the rest. You have probably show off their good looks and wit in various dog shows.


So in return to the unfathomable and irrevocable they’re giving to us, our dogs should also have authentic papers under the PCCI or Philippine Canine Club.

To avail membership and become a PCCI member is a service animals’ welfare done to ensure registry and transfer of purebred dog, a service dog registration that has been practiced for more than five decades.

How and Why You Should Register Your Dog?

Registering and becoming a PCCI member is a good practice of ethical breeding of purebred dogs.

It’s also a good way to establish an organized and world-class canine exhibitions and will set a good example and raise awareness to any purebred owners on the finite information and educational background about canines.

How can I become a PCCI Member?

Becoming a PCCI Member isn’t as hard as you thought it may be. So being hesitant won’t be a choice when you’re more than eager to share your passion and love with purebred dogs with people who can give more than enough knowledge and ideas and how to take good care of your dogs.

  1. All you have to do is go to the official website of PCCI and under the Application Forms, you may download the PCCI Membership Card Form.
  2. Or you can personally visit their office located at Rm. 206 Hillcrest Condominium 1616 E. Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue corner Hillcrest Street, Cubao, Quezon City. You may also send an email together with your complete name and address to
  3. Together with your fully accomplished PCCI Membership card form, you should also attach the photocopy of your ID and two (2) pieces of your 1 x 1 ID picture for your PCCI card.
  4. You should also prepare for the registration fee which is PHP 722.80, a payment for the following;
    • Membership Fee – PHP 336.00
    • Admission Fee – PHP 392.00
    • PCC Plastic ID Card – PHP 44.80

How do I apply for Litter Registration?

Litter registration is meant for the registration your purebred dog- considered a necessary action so that there’ll be a continuous documentation of purebred dogs, a way to monitor their breeding lines and have records of their produced offspring over the years.
Of course there are several factors that the owner should take in consideration before registering his dog. The following conditions are as follows;

  1. The purebred dog should be eight (8) months and not more than ten (10) years old at the time of mating and she should be PCCI registered.
  2. The stud dog or the sire should also be eight (8) months and not more than ten (10) years old at the time of mating he should also be PCCI registered.
  3. You, as the breeder, should be updated with your kennel’s name registration and must be paid up members under PCCI.
  4. Also don’t forget that the affix of your kennel’s should not be similar to any local or foreign affix and should not be misleading or misinterpreted in any way.


If in case you have Philippine-bred dogs

  1. You must fill out the Litter Registration form and pay the following registration fees:
    • Kennel Name Registration – PHP 840.00
    • Litter Registration – PHP 336.00
    • Pedigree Certificate – PHP 364.00
  2. Together with complete registration form and payment you may submit it personally to the PCCI officer or go to the following:
    • Go to the nearest courier and address the form to Mr. Joselito Rosales, General Manager, Philippine Canine Club, Inc. located at Rm. A206, Hillcrest Condominium, 1616 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Corner Hillcrest St., Cubao, Quezon City; or
    • Through Philippine Postal System

If in case you have imported dogs

  1. You must fill out the Litter Registration form and bring the Certified Export Pedigree along with Import Permit, Airway Bill or if accompanied, the excess baggage ticket.
  2. Pay the following fees:
    • Processing fee – PHP 2,240.00
  3. Make sure that your dog has a tattoo or microchip identification.

If in case your dog is unregistered

  1. You must fill the application form for Breed Listing and PCCO will set a schedule of inspection for the dog and will be evaluated for the application.
  2. If approved, the dog will have tattoo or microchip and the owner shall pay PHP 500.00 for the listing fee.
  3. Take in mind that the next generation of your dog shall be mated to PCCI’s qualified registered dog.

The Benefits of having your Dog Registered with Philippine Canine Club (PCCI)

What can you get a legitimate member of PCCI? There are numerous perks that you can indulge yourself a member of this prestige institution. The PCCI will see to it that they keep and maintain records of the followings;

  • Breeding Records
  • Stud Records
  • Transfer of Ownership History
  • Microchip Identification Numbers & Tattoo Numbers

PCCI will also help you in your breeding program by generating pedigree history of their listed breed that will be helpful for you to choose the dog that will be of perfect mate for your dog and they can even participate in fun activities such as Agility, Obedience Trials, Fly ball and other non-traditional dog sport activities.

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership may be carried out under two situations:

If you are the new owner, you will have to do the following to carry out the transfer:

  1. Complete the transfer ownership information on the back of the dog’s Pedigree Certificate. Here is what needs to be completed:Section A (Usually accomplished by Breeder/registered owner)Date of Transfer: The date you took physical possession of the dog.
    Name of New Owner: Your name and address information.
    Signature of the former/registered ownerSection B

    Signature of New Owner: Your signature.

  2. Prepare the applicable fees:a. Transfer of ownership PhP 560.00b. Membership (for non-members) PHP 828.00 per owner; if new membership is applied for the month of October to December each year, the fee is Php 903.00 (inclusive of advance renewal for the succeeding year.
  3. Submit/send your payment together with your 1″ x 1″ ID picture for your membership ID if not yet a member of the PCCI office.
    When the required information is received a new certificate will be mailed to you as the new owner.

Case 2. The dog is acquired from a person whose name is different from that which is printed as owner in the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate.

If you acquire your dog from someone whose name is not printed on the front side of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate as an owner of the dog then there is additional information that needs to be provided as compared to the first case above. This is a situation where the person requesting for ownership transfer is not the same person as the one whose name appears in Section B (as given above).

Here are the steps:

  1. Secure a copy of the Supplemental Transfer Statement Form either from the PCCI office or by downloading and printing it from this website.
  2. The person named as the New Owner in Section A of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate must complete Section C of the Supplemental Transfer Statement to transfer the dog to you, the new/latest owner.
  3. You, the latest owner, must complete and sign Section D of the transfer statement in which your name appears in Section D as the “New Owner.”
  4. Prepare and submit all the completed documents and pay the applicable fees at the PCCI Office.
    a. Transfer of ownership PhP 560.00
    b. Membership( for non-members) PHP 828.00/owner
    c. Supplemental Transfer PHP 48.16
    The documents and payments may also be sent through local courier companies (preferred way) or through the postal system. Please see this option in the Registration Section.

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