Kindergarten Catch-Up Education Daily Plans – PDF Download


Here are the the .PDF file of The Kindergarten Catch Up Education Curriculum guide for teachers was prepared by the Curriculum Development Division, Bureau of Elementary Education, Department of Education.

Download here the Teachers Kindergarten Catch-Up Education Daily Plans, press the link to download.

Kindergarten Catch-Up Education Daily Plans PDF


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Week 1 I belong to a class. ( Classroom Orientation)
We do many things in school.
We follow rules in school.
Week 2 I am me.
I have a body.
Week 3 I can move, I can do many things with my body 
Week 4 I have senses that help me learn 
Week 5 I grow and I change
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
As I grow, I can do more things by myself.
I have needs and feelings.
I have needs. My family provides for my needs.
My basic needs are food, clothing, shelter.
I can take care of my body 
Week 9 I can help others in many ways
I have rights and responsibilities
Week 10 I have family members

Week 11       Family members are alike one another in some
ways and differentin other ways 
Week 12 Family members have different responsibilities at home
Families set their rules
Week 13 Our school/community
Week 14 We see plants in the community
Week 15 Animals in our community
Animals have different body parts 
Week 16 There are places in the community where we can buy foods
There are places for repair shop 
Week 17 People use transportation to go to other places
Some people travel by land, by sea and by air
People follow safety rules when travelling 
Week 18 People in the community help one another in taking care for their
animals and their environment
Week 19 Children are to be cared for by the community
Communities build schools where children can work,
play and learn with other children
People can help keep the community clean and healthy for children 
Week 20 It was fun learning
We did many fun and special things this school year
I have learned new things in this year


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