The fast food industry has taken the world by storm, and one of the most recognizable brands out there is the good ol’ KFC. KFC was established by Colonel Harland Sanders, a businessman who started selling chicken wings at his roadside diner in Kentucky in the midst of the Great Depression.

Sanders recognized the promise of the food franchise model, and the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise launched in Utah in 1952. KFC popularized chicken in the fast food sector, diversifying the business by questioning the existing domination of hamburgers.

Through identifying himself as “Colonel Sanders” Harland has been a popular aspect of American cultural culture, and his name is commonly used in KFC advertisements to this day. However, the accelerated growth of the business conquered the ageing Sanders and sold it to a consortium of investors headed by John Brown Jr. and Jack Massey in the year 1964.

A Brief History of KFC in the Philippines

The first KFC branch in the Philippines, located at Angeles City, Pampanga
The first KFC branch in the Philippines, located at Angeles City, Pampanga (Taken from Facebook)

We are going to look at the history of this amazing restaurant in the Philippines.

KFC started in 1966—from the modest origins of Colonel Sanders feeding travelers in the back of the filling station to the sale of chicken by bucket in 1957. Today, KFC has offered some of the most delightful creations, such as KFC Zinger, KFC Double Down and KFC Chizza.

With the growth of tasty and fresh food creations, the number of companies has grown. Filipinos from all over the world became so excited for KFC that KFC launched its 100th store in Taft PGH in 1999. The company proceeded to proclaim its freshly crafted logo in 2006 that it produced a massive logo noticeable from space. It was also the same year that KFC launched a redesigned shop in the Business Market.

KFC’s success in the Philippines has captured the hearts of many when it organized the CHAMPS challenge—winning Eleven awards in the year 2010 and nine awards in 2015. It was also in 2010 that KFC opened its 200th store in Lacson, Bacolod.

KFC made a big move in 2014 to get the company closer to the Filipino population when it launched local celebrity faves: Daniel Padilla, Team Kramer, and Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. This represented a new landmark that took the company closer to the hearts of the Filipinos. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s been a long way ago. Yet it’s just started.

Why Filipinos Love KFC’s Menu?

KFC fried chicken tastes amazing and it’s formulated to taste good. Yes, they brag of their 11 herbs and spices, which is fine, but that’s not what you’re going to taste when you bite into those extra delicious crispy. The human mouth is searching for certain flavours, and that’s what lets you go back to more KFCs.

The Top 10 Best-Selling KFC’s Menu Items in Philippines

Since its inception in the Philippines, here are the top best menu items of KFC:

1. KFC Original Recipe Chicken

KFC Original Recipe Chicken

2. KFC Hot ‘n Crispy Chicken

KFC Hotn Crispy Chicken

3. Flavor Shots/Hot Shots

Flavor Shots Hot Shots
Taken from Twitter

4. Twister

KFC Twister

5. KFC Signature Pasta (Tomato and Carbonara)


6. KFC Double Down Classic / Hotdog (Limited time only!)

KFC Double Down Classic

7. Mashed Potato

KFC Mashed Potato

8. KFC Secret Recipe Fries

KFC Secret Recipe Fries

9. Zinger

KFC Zinger

10. Chicken Nuggets

KFC Chicken Nuggets

Complete List of KFC Menu Prices

Menu Item Price
Bucket Meals
8-PC bucket Meal with Pasta ₱795.00
6-PC Bucket Meal with Pasta ₱620.00
6-PC Streetwise Bucket Meal ₱545.00
8-PC Regular Bucket Meal ₱714.00
Fully Loaded Meals
Junior Double Down Fully Loaded Meal ₱210.00
1-PC Fully Loaded Box with Famous Bowl ₱166.00
1-PC Fully Loaded Box with Crackling ₱145.00
2-PC Fully Loaded Box ₱190.00
1-PC Fully Loaded Box ₱130.00
Individual Meals
1-PC Combo Meal with Crackling ₱104.00
Flavor Shots with Mashed Potato ₱91.00
Flavor Shots with Mushroom Soup ₱91.00
1-PC Chicken Meal with Soup ₱115.00
1-PC Chicken Meal with Mashed Potato ₱115.00
2-PC Chicken Meal ₱170.00
1-PC Chicken Meal ₱99.00
Junior Double Down Meal ₱111.00
Famous Bowl Combo ₱80.00
Zinger Double Down Combo Meal ₱192.00
4-PC Nuggets Meal with Spaghetti ₱115.00
Zinger Double Down Combo Meal ₱192.00
4-PC Nuggets Meal with Spaghetti ₱115.00
Original Double Down Combo Meal ₱192.00
Original Recipe Nuggets Combo ₱105.00
Funshots Combo ₱106.00
Hotshots Combo ₱106.00
Twister Combo ₱137.00
Zinger Combo ₱140.00
Mushroom Soup ₱27.00
Cracklings ₱36.00
Crispy Fries ₱38.00
Junior Bucket of Fries ₱72.00
Mashed Potato ₱38.00
Buttered Corn ₱38.00
Coleslaw ₱47.00
Macaroni ₱47.00
Brownie ₱25.00
Extra Rice ₱25.00
Gravy ₱12.00

How to Order KFC’s Menu (Step by step guide)

For the best chicken in town, you should order KFC now! Ordering from KFC is relatively easy. Just follow the following steps:

  1. You may order through their website and access their ordering platform.
  2. From there, you can choose whatever you want to order, together with the corresponding prices per menu item.
  3. Confirm your cart and pay with your corresponding mode of payment.
  4. Wait for your confirmation via SMS or email
  5. Wait for your food, and enjoy!

If you are unable to connect to the Internet, you can send a quick SMS message to 887-8888 for all subscribers. Keep in mind that this number accepts calls.

List of Best Site/apps to order KFC Online in the Philippines

Here are the platforms that you can use to access and order KFC online:

Amazing Facts About KFC

Here are some amazing facts that you should know about the finger lickin’ good KFC!

  • KFC was established by a man named Harland Sanders, identified as Colonel Sanders.
  • The first restaurant called Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in 1952 in Salt Lake City.
  • The name of the KFC was formally introduced in 1991
  • The recipe of the KFC is super-secret.
  • Traditionally, KFC is consumed in Japan on Christmas Day.
  • There is a KFC pizza.
  • A couple became engaged at the KFC in South Africa, and the fast food chain compensated for their reception.


How much is KFC bucket in the Philippines?

An 8-piece bucket of chicken of KFC in the Philippines costs ₱714.00.

What are the KFC specials?

KFC specials are rare menu items that only appear seasonally. These includes the mythical Double Down Dog, which is your regular double down, but there is a sausage in the middle.

How Many KFC branches in the Philippines?

So far, there are 82 KFC branches in the country.

Is KFC processed meat?

No. KFC pledges that they use all-natural, farm grade chicken meat in all of their menu items.

Who owns KFC in the Philippines?

The owner of KFC franchise in the Philippines is Manuel U. Agustines. He purchased the sole franchise under the corporate name of Quick Service Restaurants Corporation.

KFC Contacts

Here are the official contact information of KFC should you want to order now




What is the hotline of KFC?

The hotline of KFC is 887-8888.

Does KFC have 24 hour delivery?

Yes, KFC in the Philippines offers 24-hour delivery service.


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