Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. When you sense danger—whether it’s real or imagined—the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight-or-freeze” reaction, or the stress response. It can harm your life, relationships and health.


It does, you cannot control your life and your condition as what you want. Controlling and eliminating the reasons of stress is not an easy thing to do, but it is very helpful if you can act and behave to reduce or alleviate your stress. Don’t ever let you down and internally affected too much. There are a number of stress relief methods that can and must be tried out that will help you to reduce stress:

1. Pray to your God.

This is the most importing to do. Communicate all your problems and feelings to God. Believe, nothing is impossible if you give it to God.

2. Take a nice bath.

You may soak in the warm water for fifteen minutes, close your eyes and breath consistently. It’s useful for your body circulation and help you to feel relax.

3. Listen to music.

Play some soft music, light a candle, and drink a glass of milk, tea or hot chocolate can warm you. Maybe you can do a little dance, follow the music and rest your mind. Forget all your problems for at least one hour. These can make you feel calm.

4. Watch comedy or funny films.

Laugh is the best method to reduce stress. Ask your friends to find the references of funny film or television programs. Enjoy it with consuming your favorite snacks, and you’ll feel relax.

5. Go picnic with your family or friends

Vacation or even just walking in a park, feel the fresh air, enjoying the view, and having fun with your family or friends also a great method for reducing stress. They can make you feel happy and relax.

6. Massage

Massage is useful to stretch your nerves. Go to the salon or spa, or maybe you can share it with your wife or husband.

7. Take a short walk and deep breath

Take a short walk in park or garden can help you to relief stress. Feel the fresh air and take a deep breath.

8. Do what you like to do

Take a time to do “just me time”. Do what you really like to do, do your hobbies, eat your favorite food, listen to your favorite music, go to your favorite place, etc.

9. Meditation

It exerts a calming effect on the body, nerves and blood pressure, reduces restlessness, and brings peace of mind, detachment and equanimity.

10. Motivate your self

Whatever your problem, however hard it is, always be positive thinking. Talk to yourself that you can do that. Say you can, so you will. Believe it. Listen to motivator, or read an inspiring story book. It really helps to make you motivated.

How success you can manage your stress depend to yourself. It requires some effort and time. Be patient, be happy, and believe in God. That’s the key.

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