Elkie No Longer Part of KPOP Group CLC, Her Contract Terminated

Cube Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment company that handles KPOP girl group CLC, released an official statement on their official Twitter account the other day, February 3, 2021, about the termination of Elkie’s contract with them. Aside from saying that it’s a mutual decision between the management and the said member, the company didn’t provide any more details about the issue.

The company thanked the fans for the love and support they showed Elkie while she was still with CLC. They also asked the fans to wish the member good luck in her future endeavors.
It has been known that Elkie requested her contract termination with Cube Entertainment last December. The company had allegedly violated the terms of their contract and was not giving her enough support.

Elkie, according to some legal documents filed on her behalf, was not paid for her acting roles. The company allegedly failed to provide formal financial statements with regards to various activities Elkie had taken part in.

CLC South Korean girl group
CLC South Korean girl group

The news broke on December 30 last year after Elkie posted on Instagram a series of handwritten letters to her fans which were written in Korean, English, and Chinese. She thanked her fans for the support and opened up about her sentiments. She said that she was not satisfied with what she had done so far as an artist and that she wanted to do more for her fans and for her loved ones. She requested for her contract with Cube Entertainment to be terminated because “she couldn’t do what she wanted to do.”

Elkie, whose full name is Elkie Chong Ting-ya, was born in Hong Kong. This 22-year-old singer is a former teen star in Hong Kong before she joined CLC last 2016, one year after the group debuted.

The group made a comeback in September last year with the single “Helicopter” which has now more than 42 million views on YouTube.

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