How to Convert Foreign Driver License in the Philippines

Going on a foreign country as a tourist requires a lot legal documents especially if you desire to stay there for quite some time. But did you know that even Filipinos who have acquired citizenship from other country will have to go through the same process to do certain matters here in the Philippines?

Filipino with foreign driver’s license like New York driver license should need to have the definite requirements so they can legally use it in the Philippines. Thus, any OFW can drive in the Philippines using their foreign license.
How to Convert Foreign Driver License in the Philippines

What are requirements to convert foreign license to Philippine license?

One (1) photocopy and original copy of the following:

  1. Foreign license with English translation from the local embassy if needed.
  2. Passport showing arrival date of the applicant in the Philippines.
  3. Visa or ACR (Alien Certificate Registration) if you are an applicant who temporarily stays here in the Philippines.
  4. Medical Certificate including the receipt accredited LTO or government Physician.
  5. TIN or Taxpayer’s Identification Number if the applicant is current employed.
  6. Aside from these copies, an accomplished driver’s license form (ADL) shall be submitted.

What are the steps to convert foreign license to Philippine license?

  1. Together with all your requirements, you may proceed to the customer service counter to have your queued number.
  2. If it’s your turn, an evaluator will collect your requirements to check if it’s complete and authentic. Then after which you’ll be called again to have your image and signature taken.
  3. You’ll be then asked to pay for the application fee in the cashier (payment breakdown is provided below).
  4. You’ll now proceed to the examination room to have a lecture and written exam and if you passed, you’ll proceed to practical exam.
  5. If you passed the practical exam, you’ll have to wait for your name to be called to receive the official receipt of the payment.
  6. You may now proceed to the releasing counter and claim your card type license after your name was called.

There are times when some offices require for a drug test that may cost around PHP 300.00, but for offices on Manila and outside Region 7, this step is not necessarily required. After you have passed all your requirements, passed the exams, you’ll have to wait for an hour or so before you receive your card.

Where should I apply to convert my foreign license to Philippine license?

You may go to any licensing or district office that has driver’s license operations.

What are the fees to convert my foreign license to Philippine license?

The table below shows the payments required if you’re applying for a license here in the Philippines.

Valid Foreign License (No Examination) Expired Foreign License
Application Fee PHP 100.00
Computer Fee PHP 67.63
PHP 167.63
License Fee PHP 350.00 PHP 350.00
Conversion Fee PHP 100.00 PHP 100.00
Application Fee PHP 100.00
Computer Fee PHP 67.63 PHP 67.63
PHP 617.63 PHP 517.63

These legal processes, although quite a lot of work and can be a hassle to anyone, is done for the purpose of keeping anyone in the country safe. So as much as we want these things to be set aside, think of this as a way to strengthen your safety here in the Philippines and enjoy your stay here as a tourist wanting and longing to travel the Philippines and see its wonder like no other.

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