Top 15 Dog Foods Best Picks In The Philippines

The majority of dog owners feed their pets dry kibble or canned wet food. Though these are processed foods, dogs get every nutrient they need from their daily food. A Dog food must be high quality, strictly regulated, and have undergone rigorous testing by veterinary specialists. Many dogs thrived on the leftovers that humans fed them long before commercial pet food was available. While this is a quick and easy way to feed your dog, certain human foods are not suitable for canine consumption.

With so many dog food brands on the market, which is the best in the Philippines? The list below will help you choose the best brand for dog food.

Types of Dog Food

  1. Kibble/Dry

Dry food is the most cost-effective type of commercial dog food, which is why many owners choose it for their dog. It also has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration. Chewing crunchy dry food helps to reduce tartar buildup, which helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

  1. Canned

Most dogs enjoy canned or wet food; it has a long shelf life and is easy to find in any supermarket, but it can be costly. For some owners, the cost is well worth it, but not every brand of commercial canned food contains the protein that your dog requires. Furthermore, most canned foods contain approximately 75% water. The higher the water content, the lower the nutrient content, so your dog will need to consume more food to get the nutritional value his body requires.

  1. Home Cooked

A home-cooked diet allows the owner to know exactly what is in everything her dog eats and ensures that his nutritional needs are met. Feeding your dog, a home-cooked diet takes time and money, but many owners believe the extra effort is worth the peace of mind. If you decide to feed your dog a home-cooked diet, make sure you understand canine nutrition so you don’t deprive your dog of essential nutrients.

  1. Semi-Moist

Semi-moist foods are commercial dog foods shaped like pork chops, burgers, or other meaty foods. These foods are the least nutritious of all dog foods and contain a lot of artificial flavors and colors.

  1. Raw

Raw meat, preferably with some bones (never cooked bones, only raw) and organs mixed in, is a natural source of phosphorus and calcium. Many dogs respond well to this diet because they have short intestinal tracts and strong stomach acids, both of which make it easy for them to consume and digest raw food.

Here are the Top 14 Dog Food in the Philippines that you can trust!

1. Purina

purina alpo

Purina Dog Food has been a well-known and well-liked dog food brand on the market for over 80 years. Purina is without a doubt one of the most popular and trusted dog food brands on the market today. It can be difficult to sift through their product lists to find the perfect meal for your four-legged companion due to their ever-expanding dietary selections.

Type: Dry | Canned
Price: PHP 99.00 – PHP 14,607.00
Suitable for: All breeds and sizes
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

2. Pedigree

Pedigree Puppy Chicken Chunks Flavour in Gravy Dog Wet Food

This is one of the world’s most well-known dog food brands, and Pedigree was also the first to sell its products in the Filipino market. Owners claim that even after a decade of feeding this product to their dogs, they have not experienced any urination or kidney problems, which most sources claim they do. While it is not the best dog food on the market, it is easily accessible and convenient.

Type: Dry
Price: PHP 68.00 – PHP 1,650.00
Suitable for: All breeds and sizes
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

3. Orijen

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Another American brand on the list, Orijen’s products are made from free-range chicken, turkey, and fish, and all of these animal products contribute to this dog food’s 85 percent protein content. Furthermore, the brand claims that their recipes are inspired by wolves, as dogs are descended from them. This dog food is more suited to active breeds, and it may be a little too much for less active dogs, but it is grain-free, which is always a sign of a good product.

Type: Dry
Price: PHP 249.00 – PHP 4,158
Suitable for: All breeds and sizes
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

4. Eukanuba

eukanuba pre restage puppy large breed packshot

Eukanuba has easily become the most trusted dog food brand among Filipino dog owners in the last decade. Furthermore, they have a product for every type of dog: small dogs, large puppies, senior dogs, you name it, they have a product for it. While it is popular among dog owners, it contains grains and a lot of fillers.

Type: Dry | Canned
Price: PHP 250.00 – PHP 11,352
Suitable for: All breeds and sizes
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

5. Go! Sensitivities

go solutions sensitivities limited ingredient -grain free turkey recipe dog dry food

This nutritious GO! is specially designed to help dogs with sensitive dietary needs. SOLUTIONS Limited Ingredient recipe uses premium-quality salmon as a single source of fish protein, with prebiotic fiber added to help sensitive stomachs.

Go! Solutions is an American brand that not only provides high-quality dog food but also contributes to a good cause by donating food to animal shelters. Furthermore, they provide special dog food for pooches with sensitive stomachs, and they are happy to provide a list of their limited 15 ingredients, none of which are grain-based.

Type: DRY
Price: PHP 199.00 – PHP 3,700.00
Suitable for: Dogs with sensitive dietary needs
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

6. Royal Canin

Royal Canin CHN Puppy 150g Dog

An all-around brand for different types of dogs. Royal Canin has variety of dog food to offer depending on the needs, breed, and age of a dog. This dog food is a well-balanced diet designed to prevent food allergies and digestive issues.

The Royal Canin Hypoallergenic dog food contains all of the necessary nutrients for your dog’s optimal health and vitality, but none of the allergen-inducing ingredients. To ensure that the meal is hypoallergenic, it contains hydrolyzed protein with a low molecular weight. This dog food also ensures that your dog’s digestive system and skin are healthy.

Type: Dry
Price: PHP 385.00 – PHP 4,840
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

7. Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hills Pet Nutrition pd id canine chicken and vegetable stew canned product

This brand is committed to developing high-quality dog foods, and its products all meet or exceed the nutritional profiles and production criteria of the AAFCO and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) (WSAVA). Over 220 Ph.D. nutritionists, veterinarians, and scientists work for the company, and its safety standards are fashioned after those of human food makers.

Type: Dry |Canned
Price: PHP 190.00 – PHP 2,990.00
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

8. The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

the honest kitchen whole grain chicken & oat recipe

The Honest Kitchen is a family-owned business created in 2002 by Lucy and Charles Postins. The company is based in San Diego, but the food is produced at an Illinois factory that also produces food for human use.

The Honest Kitchen only uses healthful products that you can recognize and pronounce, such as eggs and salmon, pumpkin, and parsley. Furthermore, we exclusively source from people we know and trust, including some we’ve worked with since 2002.

Type: Dry | Wet
Price: PHP 250.00 – PHP 3,000.00
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

9. Bil-Jac

super premium bil-jac frozen dog food

Biljac produces wet, dry, and frozen dog foods for dogs of different sizes and breeds. A novel mechanism protects critical nutrients. Your best companion will have a shinier, fuller coat, softer skin, brighter eyes, higher energy, enhanced muscle tone, and smaller, firmer stools if you’ve found the proper dog food.

Bil-Jac is full and balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages. AAFCO-approved animal feeding studies show that Bil-Jac dog food delivers full and balanced nutrition for all life stages.

Type: Dry | Wet | Frozen
Price: PHP 1,938.00
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Shopee


DS ACANA Singles Duck Pear Front Right 13lb

Although this product includes just about 50% animal protein, it is made from high-quality poultry or beef that is designated human-grade, which other goods do not have. Unlike most dog brands, Acana proudly declares that grains are used in their products; however, they stress that they do not utilize processed grains that dogs cannot digest.

Type: Dry
Price: PHP 130.00 – PHP 12,000.00
Suitable for: Large-breed
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

11. Nulo

nulo medalseries small breed dog philippines

Nulo’s dishes are ideal for animals. They are high in animal protein, low in carbohydrates, and use low-glycemic components to maintain healthy body conditions and consistent energy. Nulo also includes a proprietary probiotic to help digestion, which survives boiling, has a long shelf life, and is viable in your pet’s digestive tract. All of the ingredients were chosen with attention and thought. They are useful, tasty, and healthful.

Type: Dry | Raw
Price: PHP 2,092.00
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Shopee

12. Canidae

canidae grain free pure elements lamb turkey and chicken formula

Recipes that are ultra-nutritionally packed, with more nutrients and protein per cup than top brands. To support overall health, Canidae’s kibble contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, antioxidants, Omega 3/6 fatty acids, and probiotics. The said dog food manufacturing company also promotes the usage of recyclable materials through their pre-packaged items, as well as Kibble Refill Station.

Type: Dry | Canned
Price: PHP 877.00 – PHP 12,850.00
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Shopee

13. Cesar

cesar lamb 100g dog wet food 6 flavors 30 count singapore

When it comes to feeding their pets delectable meals that are prepared and cooked in a manner that closely resembles human food, many pet parents turn to Cesar dog food. However, because you can’t feed them filet mignon or T-bone steak every day, Cesar Dog Food with gourmet recipes and high-quality ingredients is ideal for your pup.

Type: Dry | Wet
Price: PHP 71.00 – PHP 13,982.00
Suitable for: Small-breed
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee

14. IAMS

iams all breed adult chicken dry dog food

This one gives dogs a healthy weight. IAMS, one of the most well-known brands, has a solid nutrient profile for dog nutrition. The ingredients vary depending on the type of Iams you buy, however they often contain actual meat and grain ingredients.

Type: Dry | Wet
Price: PHP 180.00 – PHP 10,727.00
Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large-sized breed
Where to Buy: Lazada | Shopee


What type of dog food should be avoided?

If the brand has:

  • Multiple recalls in a short span of time (repeat offenders)
  • FDA Warning Letters in the Recent Past
  • Customer service is below par.

How to select the best brands?

Consider the type of dog that you have, its digestion and allergy sensitivity, and classify everything you need for your pet. In this way, you will be able to find the best brand that manufactures the best dog food for your pet.

Is pea protein bad for dogs?

Protein is required by dogs’ bodies. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber are all found in pea protein. However, research reveal that peas can induce a rare heart ailment known as DCM. Peas and lentils are likewise not suitable for dogs with renal disorders.

Which ingredients should I avoid in dog food?

Nutrition is a complicated subject. Just like in human nutrition, different ingredients in dog and cat food can help or harm your pet. These are seven ingredients to avoid in pet food.

  • Melamine
  • BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Carrageenan
  • Meat Meal
  • Food dyes or corn syrup
  • MSG

What should I not feed my dog?

You probably want to feed your dog all of your delicious human food. Who can resist those puppy-dog eyes pleading for a crumb? But hold off on spoiling your pet. Knowing when to say “No” is an important part of being a good dog parent. Some foods are just plain bad for dogs and can cause a variety of health issues.

These particular foods are not meant for dogs; Candy, Gum, Toothpaste, Baked Goods, Avocado, Liquor, Onions, Garlic, Coffee, Tea, Grapes, Raisins, Dairy Products, Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate, Fat Trimmings and Bones, Peaches, and Plums, Raw Eggs, Raw Meat, Fish, not even your own Medicine.

What nutrients do dogs need?

  • Protein

Proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids. These amino acid chains serve as the foundation for all cellular life. Your dog can develop healthy organs and muscles with adequate protein intake – both of which are critical for a well-balanced and healthy pet.

  • Vitamins

Your pet’s body does not produce adequate levels of the various organic compounds required for the body’s various metabolic processes.

  • Minerals

Minerals, like vitamins, perform a variety of functions in the body that are necessary for life, such as: forming a major component of bones (calcium, phosphorus); transporting oxygen throughout the body (iron); assisting in wound healing (zinc); providing antioxidant support (selenium); assisting in nerve transmission (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium); and regulating fluid balance (sodium, chloride, potassium).

  • Carbohydrates

Getting some of your energy from healthy carbohydrates frees up protein for other important tasks. Avoid high-glycemic “junk” carbohydrates, which provide little to no nutrition while rapidly raising blood sugar levels.

  • Fats

With more than twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrates, fat is the most concentrated source of energy. It also provides essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, promotes fat-soluble vitamin absorption, protects internal organs, regulates body temperature, and promotes a healthy nervous system.

Executive Summary

Now that you have the 14 best dog food brands in the Philippines, gaps inside your mind must be filled. You can choose the best brand for your dog base on it breed, size, nutritional needs, and eating gestures. If your dog is a picky eater or has allergic reaction to certain foods, make sure to check not just the brand but also the classification of the food you will buy. Choose not just the best brand but the best variety for your dog.

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