MANILA, Philippines – Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. is a premier broadband provider committed to offering cutting-edge networking and telecommunication infrastructure and broadband internet implementation.

It takes pride in being the most affordable and reliable fiber internet connection service provider to date.

It currently offers both internet and cable TV plans that can be used at home, incorporate offices, and in other business enterprises.

Last December 2018, Converge launched their improved coverage for their FiberX plan offerings, promoting it with the hashtag #ExperienceBetter.

According to Converge ICT chief operating officer Jesus Romero, the broadband service provider presented the new pricing scheme for unlimited plans in response to high demand for quality “video streaming and online gaming.”

The speed line-up consists of 25mbps, 75mbps, and 150mbps with respective prices of P1, 500, P2, 500, and P3, 500. This will also be enjoyed by existing patrons or users without raising their subscription costs.


Moreover, this “remodeling” on Converge’s offers is more affordable than other internet service providers such as Globe, which charges P2,899 per month for 100mbps in its unlimited fiber plan. On the other hand, PLDT charges P6,000 for 200mbps of internet service.

Highlights: ConvergeICT FiberX 1500

The most popular product of Converge that it is promoting is the ConvergeICT FiberX 1500. It is made even more affordable with 25 megabits per second for only P1, 500 a month, which is less expensive by 40 to 50 percent compared to similar services offered by PLDT and Globe.

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Users can enjoy a “pure end-to-end fiber technology connection” with its many internet services. These include unlimited downloading experience (up to only 4 seconds of downloading the best quality song and up to only 21 minutes of downloading an HD film or movie), web browsing, email checking, social media networking, music streaming, and file transferring.


ConvergeICT FiberX 1500 includes Wi-Fi modem hardware with an additional charge of P2, 500 for the one-time installation fee and an advanced security deposit of P1, 500.

List of Other Postpaid Plans and Bundles

Other Postpaid plans and bundles offered by ConvergeICT aside from the FiberX include the Air Internet Postpaid plans (AIR299, AIR499, AIR699) which include a cable TV service. Air Internet Postpaid plans offer a total of 120 SD and HD channels and are available in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Zambales, Bataan, Tarlac, and Pampanga.

AIR INTERNET 5 Mbps ₱1,299.00 ₱1,499.00 ₱1,699.00
AIR INTERNET 10 Mbps ₱1,549.00 ₱1,799.00 ₱1,949.00
AIR INTERNET 20 Mbps ₱1,799.00 ₱1,999.00 ₱2,199.00
AIR INTERNET 50 Mbps ₱2799.00 ₱2,999.00 ₱3,199.00
AIR INTERNET 100 Mbps ₱3,799.00 ₱3,999.00 ₱4,199.00

ConvergeICT iBiz (10mbps, 20mbps, 30mbps, 40mbps, and 50mbps), on the other hand, is offered for business enterprises. Check out this link for the price list for the Converge iBiz plans.

Converge Contact Hotline

For more information regarding the list of requirements and the step-by-step process in purchasing the broadband services of Converge ICT, you may visit

You may also contact Converge ICT through their hotlines at (02) 6670848 or (+632) 6670848, or send a message by filling out their contact form at

How do I apply for a Converge fiber internet plan?

Follow the procedure below:
1. Go to the application portal
Click the website:

2. Click on the “APPLY NOW” button with a green color.
3. Specify the services: Indicate whether it is residential, commercial, small and medium enterprises and etc.

4. Enter personal details: Make sure you provide the correct email address as it will be used for essential messages such as billing statements.

Indicate your location: Specify the province, street, house, and room number.

Or other Option

There are 3 ways to apply:

  1. Call our Telesales Hotline 02 8667 0848 or thru Click2Call
  2. Send email to [email protected]
  3. Message our Facebook page

How to check the Converge Internet Application?


  1. Go to the portal link and click the APPLICATION STATUS
  2. To check the status of your existing application, please enter the reference number we sent, or the email address you used to create and verify your application.

How to change SSID Name & WIFI password in Converge?

For Huawei ONUs routers Read more:

  1. Open your browser and type to
  2. Enter the username as “root,” and the password should be admin/adminHW if you never changed them.
  3. Go to WAN then 2.4G or 5G Network settings.
  4. Change the password and click Apply.

For Fiberhome ONUs

  1. Go to
  2. The default username is “user1” or “user2.”
  3. Password should be either 12345, user1234 or user12345 Navigate to interface setup then to wireless.
  4. Change the shared key and save.


  1. Go to
  2. The default username is “user” and password “user.”
  3. Navigate to Network then Security.
  4. Change the WPA passphrase and save.

FiberX Add-on


Converge Internet Channels List (SD and HD Channels)

Air cable is available at the following locations: Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales, Bataan, Bulacan and Metro Manila.

1. Pay Per View 61. Fujian TV
2. ABS CBN 2 62. CTV
3. PEP TV 63. TTV
4. PTV 4 64. Star Chinese Movies
5. TV 5 65. Xing Kong
6. UFM 105.5 66. BS Premium
7. GMA 7 67. BS1
8. PBO (Pinoy Box Office) 68. CTS
9. CNN Philippines 69. TV 5 Monde Asie
10. UNTV 70. TVE
11. GMA News TV 71. CLTV 36
12. knowledge Channel 72. YTN
13. IBC 13 73. Star Utsav
14. Channel V 74. Kalaignar TV
15. ABS CBN Sports 75. CCTV News
16. CineMax 76. Arirang
17. Net 25 77. Saudi Arabian TV
18. DZMM Teleradyo 78. Australia Plus TV
19. Cinema One 79. Al Jazeera
20. EWTN 80. Pinoy Extreme
21. BBC World News 81. Hero
22. SONY Channel 82. Hyper
23. INC TV 83. Universal Ch
24. Channel News Asia 84. Jeepney TV
25. NBA Premium TV 85. FYI
26. MYX 86. PBA Rush
27. 2nd Avenue 87. Disney Junior
28. CNN 88. Fox Channel
29. ETC 89. Tru TV
30. Fox Sports 90. Fox Action Movie
31. Nat Geo Channel 91. Eurosport
32. HBO 92. Sony Gem
33. Jack TV 93. Baby First TV
34. Fox Sports 2 94. Warner TV
35. CCTV 4 95. Screen RED
36. Star Movies 96. CT
37. Cartoon Network 97. TMC
38. Discovery Channel 98. Outdoor Channel
39. Viva Channel 99. Radio Maria
40. Star World 100. TV Maria
41. Travel & Living 101. Animax
42. History Channel 102. E!
43. ANC 103. Discovery World
44. GNN 104. Lifetime Asia
45. Fashion TV 105. Comedy Channel
46. Nickelodeon 106. History 2
47. Disney Channel 107. Aksyon TV
48. Diva Universa 108. Fox Filipino
49. Lifestyle Network 109. Nat Geo Wild
50. AXN 110. Fuji TV
51. Star Channel 111. NHK World
52. Fox News 112. Syly
53. Animal Planet 113. Nat Geo People
54. Basketball TV 114. RTL CBS Entertainment
55. CI (Crime Investigation) 115. Light Network
56. Solar Sports 116. SMNI
57. Bloomberg TV 117. Thrill
58. ABS CBN Pampanga 118. Channel M
59. DWTV 119. Kix
60. Phoenix Chinese 120. AMC

Converge Internet HD Channels

200 Fox Sports 3 HD 211 Baby TV HD
201 HBO HD 212 Mororvision
202 FFM HD 213 HBO Hits HD
203 NBA HD 214 HBO Sig HD
204 FMP HD 215 HBO Family HD
205 NGC HD 216 DW HD
206 Nat Geo Wild HD 217 Boolberg HD
207 Nat Geo People HD 218 FYI HD
208 Outdoor HD 219 CI HD
209 Fox Crime HD 220 History HD
210 FX HD 221 RTL: CBS 1 HD



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