Burger King Menu & Prices

Nothing beats a delicious hamburger, specifically the signature burger from none other than Burger King! This gargantuan leader of the fast food game, just shy behind the Golden Arches, is all around the world, and the Philippines is not an exception.

If you are into fast food and you want one now, or you are in a hurry, Burger King is all over Metro Manila and other regions in the country. They deliver via their hotline 2-22-22, and stay tuned with their latest offers such as the Limited Edition Vegan Whopper, and all other items you’ll definitely love.

Brief History of Burger King in the Philippines

In 1953 Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns, influenced by the first store McDonald Brothers’ in San Bernardino, California, established BK in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953.

But it wasn’t named Burger King yet. The first name of the popular Chain was Insta-Burger King.Since the two founders also acquired the cookery appliances rights known as the Insta-Broiler. It was a perfect broiler for frying burgers, but the business started to fail in 1959 and was acquired by the franchisees James McLamore and David R. Edgerton. The new owners soon started restructuring the Burger shop and dubbed it Burger King.

Currently 99 percent of all Burger King restaurants are operated and managed by single franchisees. In Asia, this world-famous Burger Company is run by Singapore-based BK Asiapac Pte. Uh, Ltd. In the Philippines, the local fast food giant Jollibee Foods Corp. took over the activities of the Burger King Chain in 2011. It purchased 54% of the stock of BK Titans Inc. for approximately P66 million.

Why Filipinos Love Burger King’s Menu?

Burger King was and remains a novelty; the heavy amount of fat and salt rendered it a rare treat that children were looking forward to. Our taste buds were used to the lot of salty, sour, sweet, all the extreme flavors that encouraged us to embrace whatever salty or sugar-laden snack was common at the moment, which you can find in your favorite Whopper.

We enjoyed it so much that we started to embrace and adapt the loved foods into the Philippine cuisine and convert it into staples: The Xtra Long Chicken, for example, has become Filipino in its formula by adding more sodium, and the BK fries are laden with a touch of salt, so much that it’s even popular and common on the markets, and chicken nuggets with rice is nearly as loved as well. Heck, several of our more successful fast food franchises sell more Western-inspired menus, and BK is not an exception.

The Top 10 Best-Selling Burger King’s Menu Items in Philippines

It is indeed delectable and mouthwatering to go for a quick trip to your nearest Burger King store, so here are the top ten items in the BK menu here in the Philippines:

1. Whopper

Burger King Menu Whopper

2. Whopper Jr.

Burger King Menu Whopper Jr

3. X-tra Long Chicken

Burger King Menu X-tra Long Chicken

4. 4-Cheese Whopper

Burger King Menu 4-Cheese Whopper

5. Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger

Burger King Menu Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger

6. .4-Cheese Whopper Jr.

Burger King Menu 4-Cheese Whopper Jr

7. Bacon King

Burger King Bacon King

8. BBQ Bacon King

Burger King BBQ Bacon King

9. 3-Meat Whopper

Burger King 3-Meat Whopper

Mushroom Swiss

Burger King Mushroom Swiss

Complete List of Burger King Menu Prices with pictures

4-Cheese Whopper

Burger King 4-Cheese Whopper


Burger King Whopper

X-Tra Long Chicken

Burger King X-Tra Long Chicken

Crispy and Tender Chicken

Burger King Menu Crispy and Tender Chicken

Menu Item Price


Whopper ₱140.00
Whopper Jr ₱69.00
4-Cheese Whopper ₱170.00
4-Cheese Whopper Jr ₱99.00
Flame Grilled Cheeseburger ₱69.00
Flame Grilled Double Cheeseburger ₱130.00
Flame Grilled Triple Cheeseburger ₱185.00
Flame Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger ₱230.00
Bacon King ₱240.00
Bacon King Jr ₱170.00
BBQ Bacon King ₱240.00
BBQ Bacon King Jr ₱170.00
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper ₱245.00
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper Jr ₱159.00
3-Meat Whopper ₱185.00
3-Meat Whopper Jr ₱140.00
Double BBQ Bacon Cheese ₱175.00
BBQ Bacon Cheese ₱125.00
Double Mushroom Swiss ₱170.00
Mushroom Swiss ₱120.00
Flame Grilled BBQ Hamburger ₱59.00
Flamed Grilled Hamburger ₱59.00

Burger Meals

Whopper Meal ₱170.00
Whopper Jr Meal ₱109.00
4-Cheese Whopper Meal ₱199.00
4-Cheese Whopper Jr Meal ₱150.00
Flame Grilled Cheeseburger Meal ₱109.00
Flame Grilled Double Cheeseburger Meal ₱160.00
Flame Grilled Triple Cheeseburger Meal ₱215.00
Flame-Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger Meal ₱260.00
Bacon King Meal ₱270.00
Bacon King Jr Meal ₱200.00
BBQ Bacon King Meal ₱270.00
BBQ Bacon King Jr Meal ₱200.00
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper Meal ₱270.00
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper Jr Meal ₱205.00
3-Meat Whopper Meal ₱215.00
3-Meat Whopper Jr Meal ₱170.00
Double BBQ Bacon Cheese Meal ₱200.00
BBQ Bacon Cheese Meal ₱150.00
Double Mushroom Swiss Meal ₱200.00
Mushroom Swiss Meal ₱150.00
Flame Grilled BBQ Hamburger Meal ₱99.00
Flame Grilled Hamburger Meal ₱99.00

Squad Bundles

Bestsellers Value Bundle (3 people) ₱289.00
Bestsellers Value Bundle (4 people) ₱389.00
Specialty Burger Bundle (3 people) ₱399.00
Specialty Burger Bundle (4 people) ₱499.00


X-Tra Long Chicken Sandwich ₱99.00
X-Tra Long Chicken Sandwich Meal ₱150.00
Chicken Nugget Burger ₱59.00
Chicken Nugget Burger Meal ₱99.00
1-PC King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice ₱120.00
1-PC King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice Meal ₱130.00
2-PC King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice ₱180.00
2-PC King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice Meal ₱190.00
Chicken Nuggets ₱59.00
4-PC Chicken Nuggets with Fries Meal ₱99.00
4-PC Chicken Nuggets with Rice Meal ₱99.00
6-PC Chicken Nugget with Fries Meal ₱140.00
6-PC Chicken Nuggets with Rice Meal ₱140.00


Thick-Cut Fries ₱39.00
Onion Rings ₱39.00


Chocolate Sundae ₱39.00
Caramel Sundae ₱39.00
Cookie Avalanche Chocolate Sundae ₱49.00
Cookie Avalanche Caramel Sundae ₱49.00


Coca Cola ₱47.00
Minute Maid Fresh Apple ₱52.00
Minute Maid Fresh Orange ₱52.00
Lipton Iced Tea ₱47.00
Sarsi ₱47.00
Coke Float ₱49.00
Sarsi Float ₱49.00
Apple Float ₱49.00
Coke in Can ₱40.00
Mineral Water ₱35.00
BK Joe Coffee ₱55.00
Mocha BK Joe Frost ₱75.00

Burger King Breakfast


How to Order Burger King’s ‘s Menu (Step by step guide)

For the best burger around, you should order BK now! Ordering from BK is relatively easy. Just follow the following steps:

  1. You may order through their website (www.burgerkingdelivery.com.ph) and access their ordering platform.
  2. From there, you can choose whatever you want to order, together with the corresponding prices per menu item.
  3. Confirm your cart and pay with your corresponding mode of payment.
  4. Wait for your confirmation via SMS or email
  5. Wait for your food, and enjoy!

If you are unable to connect to the Internet, you can send a quick SMS message to 2-22-22 for all subscribers. Keep in mind that this number accepts calls.

List of Best Site/apps to order Burger King in the Philippines

Here are the platforms that you can use to access and order Burger King online:

Best Burger King Hacks

Do you want the absolute Burger King experience? Here are some hacks that you should try right now!

  1. Try one of BK’s latest offerings, the Vegan Whopper. It tastes like real meat without any actual meat in it. Wow!
  2. You can request for freshly-cooked French fries.
  3. If you need tons of ice, BK has got them. Just ask if they sell ice, and they will offer them in bags!
  4. Check if your receipt has a coupon or survey for a free treat.
  5. Have it your way, as the BK signature slogan suggest! You can have fries inside your Whopper.

Amazing Fact of Burger King

Here are some noteworthy facts about Burger King that you might not know about:

  1. Insta-Burger King is the original name of the franchise.
  2. The BK’s signature Whopper has been around since the year 1957.
  3. It’s pronounced Hungry Jack in Australia.
  4. There’s an absolutely crazy, underground burger of 800 calories available on demand!
  5. The first product that BK offered is hotdogs.

Most Ask question:

How do I choose my Burger King menu?

Choose from Burger King’s best seller menu, and select the finest offers. You should pick the Whopper ones, since they are known for them!

What are the Burger King specials?

The BK Specials are special items of the Burger King menu that are seem to be over-the-top when it comes to the meat. We are talking about, a whopper with three meats in it. That crazy!

How Many Burger King branches in the Philippines?

According to the latest count of Vozzog, the total number of Burger King branches in the Philippines is 21.

Who Own Burger King in the Philippines

As of 2011, the sole franchise of the Burger King brand has been acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation.

How do I apply for a job at Burger King?

You can apply for a job post in this restaurant through walk-in, or online using the following links:

Burger King Contacts

Hotline: 2-22-22
Website: www.burgerkingdelivery.com.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/burgerkingph/

Burger King Review

These are some reviews of the patrons of Burger King:

  • Scotty Wilburt See – “I often went here to eat my lunch. I always ordered the Four Cheese Whopper. Because it is my favorite burger. It is because of the cheesiness of the burger, and the size of the patty.”

  • Emmanuel (@bangalorefoodboy89) – The Bacon king over here was fab. The first time I ate pork at Burger King was at Manila and I loved every bit of it. Juicy and perfect with all the sauces. I ate here about 5 times in my 25 days stay

  • Mary Grace Monteverde – If you want to eat fast food with less of a crowd then go here hehe. Most of the customers which are students prefer to take out the food inside their schools rather than eat it there so that makes sense haha.

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