20 Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles Ideas (with Picture)

Whether you are a bridesmaid or planning your bridal party’s hairdos, you want to have the best bridesmaids hairstyles. Maybe you have a bridal stylist at your disposal, or maybe this is a DIY affair. We have covered looks that are suitable whether you are meeting with a stylist the day-of or whether you will do your hair at home before the big event.

Read on for looks that are truly effortless, and some more involved best bridesmaids hairstyles too.

1. What Are the Most Popular Bridesmaids Hairstyles?

The most popular bridesmaid’s hairstyles are both classic and modern can be worn down and up, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor affairs.

2. Are the Most Popular Bridesmaids Hairstyles Difficult?

Some are difficult and are best done in consultation with a bridal hair stylist. But many of our best bridesmaids hairstyles are surprisingly easy whether for short hair, medium hair, or long hair. Many require for all hair types to be properly prepped and most are probably best done with next-day hair that is not freshly washed. Freshly washed hair is too soft for many of these styles and hair will not have the necessary texture and hold.

3. Can I Create the Best Bridesmaids Hairstyles Myself?

Yes, many of these you can do yourself.

4. Where Can I Find the Best Bridesmaids Hairstyles?

Bring in a picture with you if you have an appointment with a bridal hair stylist and he or she can work with you to recreate your favorite look.

5. Do I Need Special Tools or Equipment to Create the Best Bridesmaids Hairstyles?

Most of these best bridesmaids hairstyles require minimal tools and equipment. For some of these looks, you will need a curling iron, styling cream, hairspray, clear elastics, bobby pins, and hairpins.

How We Reviewed

The following hairstyles were reviewed based on the following parameters: level of difficulty, amount of time to create, and the hair products and tools required.

We comprehensively researched the most popular bridesmaid’s hairstyles, both classic and modern looks, to bring you this list. We hope you find it useful whether you are a bride planning your bridal party or a bridesmaid.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

The price of these best bridesmaids hairstyles is essentially free, besides the cost of a curling iron and a few hair products. Some of these hairstyles cannot be done alone, however.

What We Reviewed

  • All Down Waves with a Side Braid
  • High Knot Chignon
  • Updo Braid
  • Curled and Sideswept Updo
  • Fishtail Braid
  • Low Chignon
  • Braided Chignon
  • Rolled Headband
  • Messy Boho Updo
  • Bohemian Waves
  • Swept French Twist
  • Vintage Roll
  • High Braided Crown
  • Classic Twist
  • Half Waves with Dutch Braid
  • French Braid
  • Edgy Updo
  • Big Teased Hair
  • Easy Ponytail with a Twist
  • Beyonce Curls

1. All Down Wave with a Side Braid

This hairdo is fairly easy to create. Braid straight hair before you go to bed with a low bun. The next morning take your hair out of the braid and tousle with your fingers. Take a small section of hair close to your face and braid it. Set the whole look with some hairspray, and you are good to go.

  • No special tools or equipment required
  • Romantic look


  • Waves may not last all night
  • Not good if you live in a hot climate and prefer your hair up for a night of celebration

2. High Knot Chignon

High Knot Chignon Hairstyle
This look is also easy to do it yourself. Put your hair into a high ponytail. Wrap the hair in the ponytail around the base. Fan the bun out to create volume and then secure the whole thing with some pins.

  • Hair stays out of bridesmaids’ faces especially girls with a pixie cut
  • Easy to do it yourself without special tools or equipment


  • May take some technique to secure the low bun with pins
  • Not good for bridesmaids with short hair

3. Updo Braid

Updo Braid Hairstyles
This updo braid is specially designed for girls with short hair to show that they, too, can wear braids. The look involves separating the front section of the hair. Then divide the hair on the back of your head into three parts. Braid the lefthand braid using the Dutch lace braid, which is the opposite of a French braid and pulls the hair only from the left.

Braid the center section into a regular Dutch braid. The right section will also be braided into a Dutch lace braid, this time pulling the hair only from the right. The important part is to stretch out each braid, so they look more voluminous.

Either secure the ends of the braids with clear elastics or bobby pins or leave the ends loose. You can style the front section into a rockabilly pouf or another style as you would like.

  • Good for bridesmaids with short hair
  • A cool look that’s a bit different


  • Difficult to do yourself as it involves braiding the hair at the back of your head
  • Requires knowledge of Dutch and Dutch lace braiding techniques

4. Curled and Sideswept Updo

Curled and Sideswept Updo Hairstyles
This is a romantic and glamorous look. Clip your hair into 4 square inch sections. Curl each section using a curling wand. Tousle the curls with your fingers. Brush all your hair to one side of your head, twist a few small sections of hair together and fasten with a brooch at the back of your head.

  • A glamorous look fit for a traditional wedding
  • Does not require expensive tools besides hair curling wand


  • Requires longer hair, not pixie cut
  • You need at least a curling wand or curling iron

5. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid Image
We love fishtails because they look fabulous and are surprisingly easy to do it yourself. Simply separate your hair into two parts. Take a section of hair from the right, lay it over a section on the left, then continue laying alternating sections over one another. You may want to run your thumbs over the sides of the braid to texturize and separate the hair for a ruched look.

  • Easy do it yourself, does not require advanced braiding technique
  • Dramatic effect


  • Requires long hair, not pixie cut
  • Requires a little bit of technique for even braiding

6. Low Chignon

Low Chignon Hairstyles
The low chignon is a classic look. Elevate it by curling your hair first. The way you do a chignon is by first combing your hair back and putting it into a low ponytail. Then separate the ponytail into two parts.

Twist the right ponytail and wrap it under the left part and then up and over the original ponytail. Secure with one or more hairpins as needed. Then, take the let ponytail and twist it up and over the right, forming a twist. Secure with pins like a low bun.

  • Classic look
  • One of the DIY wedding hairstyles to achieve


  • Requires a curling iron
  • If the hair is not properly styled, this look could look messy

7. Braided Chignon

Braided Chignon Hairstyles
A beautiful hairstyle that would be difficult to achieve by oneself. Follow the detailed step by step guide, and you can make your maids’ hair look truly elegant.

  • Only requires a curling iron, pins, clips, and hairspray to achieve
  • Impressive and romantic look
  • Steps are easy to follow for one of the best DIY wedding hairstyles


  • This is a look you cannot do yourself
  • Best done with longer hair; not good for short hair

8. Rolled Headband

Rolled Headband Hairstyles
This look is great for bridesmaids with long, curly hair. All you need is an elasticized headband and some bobby pins. After placing the headband over your hair tuck your hair in under the headband piece by piece, creating a roll. If need be, you can secure the headband or ends with some pins.

  • One of the Easy & DIY wedding hairstyles to achieve
  • Looks polished and put-together with minimal effort
  • Simple – No special tools or equipment required


  • The roll can be bulky if you have thick hair
  • Simple & good for maids with longer hair
  • Requires curly hair

9. Messy Boho Updo

Messy Boho Updo Hairstyles

Messy Boho Updo Hairstyles 01

Key features of this product include a classic updo with a modern casual twist. Leave the front pieces loose around the face and keep the whole look soft for a look that is sweet and romantic.

  • A soft and romantic look that’s suitable for a church wedding hairstyles or an outdoor affair
  • Does not require complicated tools or equipment


  • Requires black hair that can achieve a wavy or curly texture
  • Simple & no other drawbacks

10. Bohemian Waves

Bohemian Waves Hairstyles

Bohemian Waves Hairstyles 03
This is a look that is very on-trend right now for bridesmaids. Loose waves are suitable for just about any wedding hairstyles setting, from church to beach. To achieve this look, bridesmaids braid their hair the night before. The next morning, undo the braid and tousle the waves with your fingers. Then set the style with some hairspray.

  • No tools needed
  • Romantic, bohemian look suitable for all occasions


  • Waves may not last all day and night
  • For hot climates, wearing black hair down may not be desirable

11. Swept French Twist

The swept French twist requires brushing all of your hair to one side and then using a hair sponge to braid the hair. We love the windswept romantic feel of this look. This can also be good for children.

  • Easy to achieve
  • Cool and elegant look


  • Requires hair sponge
  • Not suitable for bridesmaids with shorter hair

12. Vintage Roll

The classic updo that does not look old fashioned which is one of the best Hairstyles to Copy. You need chopsticks, bobby pins, hair pins, styling cream, hairspray, and straight hair or straightening iron.

  • Just a few steps involved
  • A classic look that still looks fresh
  • Easy to do for hair novices
  • Can be considered as a prom hairstyle


  • Long hair is required to achieve this look
  • Some tools needed

13. High Braided Crown

The high braided crown is one of our top bridesmaid’s hairstyles for bridesmaids with curly hair that is shoulder-length or preferably longer. Even bridesmaids with curly hair may want to curl their hair before doing the braid, and applying some styling product into your hair to enhance volume and hold. This look will take practice, so it is best to set aside some time to practice this style well before the big day.

  • Very flattering look that highlights the neck and cheekbones
  • This is a look bridesmaids can do themselves


  • Difficult to do
  • Hair must have a lot of texture; this look may be difficult with fine hair

14. Classic Twist

The classic French twist is an iconic look that oozes Parisian elegance. It may seem mysteriously unachievable, but it isn’t. You need to know how to do a braid, which we know you do, and besides that, all you need is a hairbrush, hairspray, and pins to keep the whole thing in place. This can also be good for children.

  • Simply elegant
  • No advanced technique or tools required
  • Suitable for straight hair


  • Hair should be sleek and frizz-free
  • Hair must be long enough

15. Half Waves with Dutch Braid

Everything is better with a braid, and the best bridesmaids hairstyles are no exception. Loose waves are given a little bit extra with a Dutch braid, which only means that the braid is braided under itself instead of over itself. Sweet and not too casual – this is a perfect solution for a carefree look.

  • An easy and carefree look
  • Not complicated to achieve
  • Easy to be done by a junior hairstylist


  • Not suitable for short hair
  • No other drawbacks

16. French Braid

A classic look that you can update by pulling the braid over to the side. This is one of the best Hairstyles to Copy

  • An accessible style that most people are familiar with
  • Good for many hair types


  • Challenging to do by oneself unless it is off to the side
  • Not suitable for short hair

17. Edgy Updo

Edgy Updo hairstyles
This edgy updo l look is specially designed for bridesmaids with naturally curly hair. The asymmetrical look involved in this hairdo is very on-trend and flattering. It starts with a deep side part and then a French braid completes the look. This can also be good for children.

  • Suitable for many hair lengths and types
  • One of the DIY wedding hairstyles
  • Easy to be done by a junior hairstylist


  • Best for bridesmaids with curly hair
  • No other drawbacks

18. Big Teased Hair

Big Teased Hair hairstyles
When it comes to teasing your hair for wedding hairstyles, the motto is to go big or go home. The bigger, the better. Tease the hair at least 4 inches out from the scalp – or even more to stand out among the wedding guest.

  • Fun and a little rock n roll look
  • Easy to achieve
  • Good for novices
  • Can be considered as a prom hairstyle


  • The look may not be suitable for very formal wedding hairstyles
  • A lot of teasing and product is required to get the hair to stay

19. Easy Ponytail with a Twist

Easy Ponytail with a Twist hairstyles
This is a romantic and easily achievable ponytail twist that is a best bridesmaids hairstyles for those bridesmaids with curly hair. Create twists in your hair, and secure with a bobby pin. Then secure the remaining hair over your shoulder with a clear elastic if you would like. So easy and beautiful for all wedding guest.

  • Excellent hairstyle for curly-haired bridesmaids
  • Easy, no tools required besides pins
  • Can be considered as a prom hairstyle


  • Best for longer hair
  • Best for bridesmaids with curly hair

20. Beyonce Curls

Beyonce Curls Blonde wedding hairstyle
Bridesmaids can achieve this fun and kicky look with a small 1/2 inch curling wand (which is like an iron without the clip) and dry shampoo for texture. Curl your hair in 1.5-inch sections and finish by running over each curl with your finger, which is one of the best Hairstyles to Copy

  • Easy to do with many hair textures and lengths
  • Suitable for formal or less formal weddings


  • Requires curling wand
  • Hair should be sleek and frizz-free

How Do You Choose the Right Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyle?

When you’re looking for the right popular bridesmaid hairstyle to choose from, it can be overwhelming with the sheer number of options to choose from. If you need a little help to make your decision, keep reading. Below we’ve put together a list of three things to keep in mind that will help make your decision easier!

Be Realistic

One of the chief things you have to do in order to pick the right popular bridesmaid hairstyle is to be realistic. While an adorable curly pony may be your number one choice, if don’t have curly hair, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Start with your little one’s hair type and go from there. At the end of the day, you want to make things as easy as possible for yourself which brings us to our next point…

Make Things Easy

Something we can’t stress enough is to pick a style that’s easy to work with and manage. Many parents, friends, or hairstylist think that opting for a short hairstyle means less work; the opposite couldn’t be truer. Sometimes the shorter styles take the most styling to look good all day long. While a hairstyle might look adorable in a photo if it takes too much time in the morning to do you’re likely going to regret your decision.

Think about Growth

It may be obvious to you to think about hair growth, but you would be surprised how many opt for shaped bobs with heavy bangs. Any hairstyle that features sharp angles or cuts needs to be reshaped every two weeks if not more. Your hair is going to grow, and it’s going to grow at a rate that’s different from yours, so pay attention to styles that can grow out, especially if you don’t want to make frequent trips to the salon.

Let the Bridesmaid Choose

Definitely, the bridesmaid is old enough to have an opinion, so the hairstylist can always ask them for their input. You may be surprised to learn that’d like to cut it all off or keep it long. Just remember to keep their expectations realistic and appropriate to avoid any drama or tears.

What Not to Do

Believe it or not, there are just some things you shouldn’t do when it comes to picking the popular bridesmaid hairstyle. If you want to avoid some severe mishaps, keep reading. The answers to avoiding drama and tears are below:

Don’t Go Drastic

One of the best ways to avoid drama is by choosing something that isn’t too drastic. Sometimes cutting off too much at once can be too jarring for a child especially if they’re already apprehensive about the entire experience. If you want to stop the tears before they even happen, do your best to gauge how the chief bridesmaid is feeling and go from there.

Don’t Fully Follow Input

Although we did suggest that you ask the bridesmaid what they would like for a style, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow their input fully. For example, if she wants a lightning bolt shaved into the side of her head, you may want to sway her away from decisions that schools or the workplace may have a problem with. Additionally, depending on how young or old she is, they may not fully understand the fact that once the hair is removed, it can’t grow back tomorrow.

Trust us when we say we’ve seen many a meltdown in a salon chair when they realize they didn’t want to go as short as they initially thought. If you suspect a style may shock the bridesmaid, in a negative way, try cutting off a little at a time and gauging their reaction. After all, you can always come back another day and cut more off if they really want to.

Necessary Hair Products & Accessories to do the Bridesmaid Hairstyles You Can Copy

Putting together a hair care kit that has all the necessary products is one of the basic steps in doing the popular bridesmaid hairstyles you can copy. Here are some products that are necessary:

  • Good shampoo
  • Effective conditioner
  • Massage oil
  • Protective mist
  • Detangling product

Good Shampoo

The first thing you’ll need is a good shampoo that can remove all the dirt and oil from your scalp and your hair strands before doing any hairstyle on a wedding. If you have thick hair, it’s highly susceptible to be affected by all the dust and dirt circulating around in your immediate environment. It is essential that you choose a shampoo that’s tough on dirt but soft on the hair. Ideally, look for a shampoo that combines moisturizing action with its cleaning process.

An Effective Conditioner

A conditioner is also a vital addition to your hair-care kit for any hairstyle. Developed primarily to prevent breakage of hair and to keep your hair from tangling, an effective conditioner also softens the hair because it includes ingredients that smoothen the cuticle. Softer and smoother hair is easier to manage, and this factor is what makes a conditioner a “must have” if you sport a thick, strong head of hair.

A Massage Oil

A common mistake that most people with thicker hair make before doing any hairstyle is that they don’t oil their hair well enough. A conditioner is useful in keeping your hair soft and well-cared for, but that alone isn’t enough. Hair oil truly nourishes your hair from its roots and keeps your hair follicles strong and protected. Some popular and effective oils you can use for hair massages include coconut oil, jojoba oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and almond oil.

A Protective Mist

If you style your hair for a wedding using heating instruments such as a straighter or curling iron, hairspray or a mist that protects your hair from the effects of overexposure to heat is vital. These protective mists contain keratin, which keeps your hair from becoming brittle and frizzy. The mists, sprayed on your hair just before you use the styling instrument, also protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

A Detangling Spray

Generally, it’s advisable to use a wide-toothed comb to sort out the tangles in your hair. Sometimes, though, a comb can’t help you untangle all your knots. In such cases, a spray designed just for that can come in handy.

A detangler smooths your hair before doing any of the DIY wedding hairstyles by coating it with an oil or a polymer and by acidifying it, making your hair tightened. This smooth the scales on your hair’s outer surface and minimizes static, which can make your tangles hard to sort.

Aside from these products, you’ll need accessories like a band to hold your hair in place, sturdy clips to style your hair and a hair dryer for when you’re in a hurry.

The Verdict

For bridesmaids with shorter or mid-length hair, you cannot go wrong with the classic French twist. It is easy to achieve and does not require especially texturized hair. For bridesmaids with long hair, we love the half waves with a Dutch braid. You really cannot go wrong with a braid.

If you’re short on time, though, and want a versatile hairstyle that will be suitable for work and a casual dinner after, then we recommend the Maiden Braids with a Twist. It strikes the perfect balance between easy and quick to do and the versatility that’ll carry you from morning to night.

Many of these hairstyles are classic and simple, however, we found that it was the simple styles that really drew out the texture especially of curly hair. Those of us with curls know there is no need for complicated knots or braids or updos for our hair to add to our style. Curls create their own body and texture — all

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