How Much Does it Cost to Straighten Teeth in Philippines

A wonderful set of teeth is one of the best assets someone could have. Usually, whenever a person talks to someone, the first thing he/notices are the teeth. Although a lot of us are not born and gifted with natural white and perfect teeth, it is also achievable by having teeth braces for a few years. As advised, it is better to have the teeth repaired as early as twelve years old to prevent any crooked or misaligned tooth in the future since it is harder to patch up when a person gets older.

Braces are known to be one of the most effective ways to repair any misalignment in the teeth, but it is also known as something expensive. However, not many people are aware that there are also affordable clinics which have the best orthodontist.

Generally, the price of having braces in the Philippines ranges from about ₱25,000.00 to ₱120,000.00, depending on the condition of the teeth. It can also change depending on the materials that will be used for braces or the process of installing them. On the other hand, it is still affordable compared to those dental services offered abroad. The price might be a little high, but some of the clinics are also offering monthly installment which is payable every month at the time of the adjustment of braces, or through credit card payment.


If you are looking for effective, trustworthy and cheap oral services from the local dental clinics, here are the top dental clinics in the Philippines that you can choose from or consider.

Clinic Name Expertise Rating Facilities Rating Services Rating Feedback Rating
Tooth & Go Clinic 3.74 4.96 3.68 4.54
Sacred Heart Dental Clinic 3.44 4.99 4.43 4.36
Gerochi Dental & Implant Center 3.11 4.94 4.33 4.81
iDent Dental Clinic 3.44 4.97 3.3 4.18
Dalisay Dental Clinic 2.99 4.35 3.48 4.41
Northern Dental Specialists 2.55 4.4 4.05 4
Navales Dental 3.36 2.88 2.66 4.37
Louie’s Dental Clinic 2.5 3.48 3.78 4.09
One Dental Care 2.83 2.82 2.87 3.93
Martinez Dental Clinic 2.52 2.9 3.1 4.11

These dental clinics offer various services such as check-up, cleaning, whitening, and other dental services that one might need.

Improving the appearance of our teeth improves not only its condition but also our self-confidence. By having a set of white and perfect teeth, we can smile widely and proudly without having to worry about how our teeth would look. Also, it can enhance our overall dental health as we learn to maintain it.

In conclusion, getting braces for yourself might be a good idea but always be sure to get them from a licensed and professional dentist. We should not only consider the price, but also the skills of the orthodontist. An excellent dentist asks the patient for his/her desired treatment and gives advice whether that will do well for his/her teeth, how to take care of it, and explains how these treatments will be conducted.

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