Best Lesson: Bounce Back After Failing PRC Licensure Exams

You just got your degree and can’t wait to be in the corporate world. With your adrenalin rush getting the better of you, you decided that it’s time to take the board exams. It doesn’t matter that you’re a bit behind your colleagues who made time to enroll in a review center. You’re confident enough that the online review would be sufficient.

Oh, it doesn’t matter that you’re having a hard time concentrating on the study materials, you thought that it’s better to take the board exams while the subjects are still fresh on your mind. You’re confident enough that you will pass it.

Until the examination day comes. That’s when you realized you should’ve studied more and participated in the review center. And after a few horrifying weeks, the inevitable results came right at you like a splash of cold water. You failed, and you failed miserably.

How To Bounce Back After Failing PRC Licensure Exams 2019

Before locking yourself in your room and wallowing yourself in misery, please remember that YOU, ARE NOT ALONE. There are many others who failed the board exam and made the mistakes you did. We all fail from time to time, in fact, the only people who did not experience failure are those who did not try.

6 tips on bouncing back after failing the board exams

Here are a few tips on bouncing back after failing the board exams:

Deal With Your Emotions.

It is important to know what it is that you’re really feeling. Is it shame? Disappointment? Regret? Only in knowing your emotions will you be able to address it and work through it.

How To Bounce Back After Failing PRC Licensure Exams 2019

Be Responsible.

While there may be some external factors that led to your failure, it is important to take responsibility and own it. Your failure is never the responsibility of someone else.

Failure Is Temporary.

You might think that filing the board exam is a big deal, but in the grand scheme of things, it is just a small chapter in your life. There are far more important things in your life and you can focus on it more.

How To Bounce Back After Failing PRC Licensure Exams 2019

You Are Not A Failure.

You may have failed the board exams, but it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Never ever let your failure define who you are.

Learn From It.

Being sorry for yourself won’t let you pass the next board exams. Determine the reason why you failed and learn from it. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

How To Bounce Back After Failing PRC Licensure Exams 2019

Have Fun And Laugh.

Stop dwelling on your failure. Try to erase the negative thinking and focus on what’s really important. Hang out with family and friends who make you happy, and be around positive, and supportive people.

Coping with failure is important in bouncing back strongly. Always keep in mind that failing the board exams is not the same as being a failure. We all fail sometimes, after all, we’re just human.

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