If you are looking for best high schools, you need to take a look at the list of high school in Manila Philippines. High school is an institution which provides all or part of secondary education.If you calculate everything by ratios, say cost-per-quality index (with the lowest ratio representing the best value for money), who would make on the top. And if you can afford some more but don’t want to be called a cheapskate, then you go for the middle pack.

Philippine Science High School Diliman Campus is one of the best Philippines could offer. It has the highest count both international and domestic wins in the fields of science and mathematics in the Philippines.High school in Philippines

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Tier 1:
Brent International Schools
British School Manila

Tier 2:
UP High Schools (IS, Rural-LB and the one is Visayas)
La Salle High schools (Greenhills, Zobel and Antipolo)
Science High Schools (Masay, Qusay, all those in the province)
Chinese Schools (Xavier, Uno, Grace, St. Stephens, ICA, St. Jude)
Elite all Girl’s (Woodrose, Poveda, St. Scho antipolo & Manila, St. paul’s pasig & QC)

Tier 3:
San Beda Manila & Alabang

Top performing High Schools in the Philippines? – WikiAnswers.com:
Angelicum College, Quezon City
Ateneo de Manila University High School
Bannister Academy
Chiang Kai Shek College
Claret School of Quezon City
Colegio San Agustin, Makati City
De La Salle Zobel
La Salle Greenhills
Grace Christian High School
International School Manila
Manila Science High School
Marist School, Marikina City
Miriam College, Quezon City
PAREF Southridge School
PAREF Woodrose School
Philippine Science High School, Quezon City
Quezon City Science High School
St. Paul Pasig
Saint Jude Academy, Manila
Saint Stephen’s High School
Saint Scholastica’s College, Manila
San Beda College, Alabang
Xavier School

Best co-ed high schools in Quezon City? – Ateneo de Manila, Miriam, Lourdes School, St.Paul, Sienna, St. Theresa near Fairview, Our Lord’s Grace Montessori and Kotska.

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  1. I’m a graduate of PSHS. We need not to compare the different schools in this list. Each individual school has its highs and lows. All I could say is that PSHS prepares its students to be the BEST not only in the country but in the WORLD. Students who graduated in PSHS does not only excel in their chosen career but also open doors to new worlds of sciences. They don’t just reach their goal, they make them. Number 1 High School in the Philippines? no. Number 1 SCIENCE High School in the Philippines? Definitely! Want to learn something? go to other high schools. Want to MAKE something? go to PSHS

  2. University of Baguio Science High School – The first science high school in the country with the best professors and the best curriculum. It’s not only the science high curriculum but a consolidation of the human and social sciences.

  3. Is there any High School here in the Philippines that gives there students full 100% free education? What I mean of 100% free education is that aside from no tuition fee it includes free food, shelter, housing, clothing, medicine on top of it’s quality education. And, after graduation, helping their graduates to have a job competing to College graduates and vocational graduates. Discipline of students is beyond compare. Visit all The Sisters of Mary School compound and you’ll see for yourself why this school is the best High School in the Philippines.

  4. I don't understand the basis of these rankings. Surely there must be measurable criteria to judge? If I were to make rankings, I would give scores to facilities, student selection, teacher selection, overall achievements of the school. But then it would be very difficult to provide measurable criteria for each.

    I am glad my school (PSHS) was number one on this list, and they mentioned the contests as the reason for this. Personally though, I consider contests as a shallow criterion for school ranking.

    But granted that we use contests as criterion as the author did, the results would be different. When I was in Pisay, the schools we usually contend with (and who often beat us in Math contests) are Chinese schools like Chiang Kai Shek and St. Jude, and other science high schools like Manila Science, Quezon City Science, and in fact Pasig City Science is now figuring well. Where are all these schools in your list?

    Now, there are also schools that cater to specific needs such as the Philippine High School for the Arts. They are a class of their own. Don't they deserve a slot?

    Lastly there are special education schools that cater to gifted children. An example is the Multiple Intelligence School in Katipunan. Their kids are really smart, and their curriculum is non-traditional and teaches the kids to develop all kinds of talents. Don't they deserve a slot too?

    Please clarify your criteria. That is needed to make any list credible. Thanks.

  5. My experience in Manila Science was the best education I've ever had. We were nurtured academically, socially and emotionally. We were tasked to pick the garbage/rubbish we see in the school premises since we only had one (old) janitress. We had to be presentable always. And we had to be confident. We weren't trained to compete, nor to think we have to be better than the others, but rather just to love what we do. MaScians are simple children who just love to live the dreams they have.

  6. I agree Philippine Science is one of the best along with Manila Science and Quezon City Science. They have the best advanced curriculum particularly in Science and Mathematics. They have also the most difficult entrance examinations. Admissions to these schools are really strict. They have the best graduates that usually pass UPCAT, Ateneo entrance and DLSU entrance. Their graduates are usually among the placers in the board exam. My batch mate from masci who graduated from DLSU College of Accounting topped the CPA board exam. Another schoolmate from Masci topped the Mechanical Engineering board exam. He was from UP Diliman.

  7. No matter how many flowery or appraising words I intend to use for this ‘review’, there will never be enough. Amazing artists? Check. Advanced and rigorous subjects? Check. Healthy athletic competitions and interactive events? Check. Exchange programs? Check. International, national, regional, and local events? Check. State-of-the-art facilities and classrooms? We started from a typical public high school setting but you probably heard of the overpriced building issue. I bet an American college student tuition fees that you’d disagree about the waste of money stand on the issue when you meet one of ours. Not one student was a waste of subsidy of the government


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