MANILA, Philippines – Just the thought of traveling for long hours to unwind in an enthralling white beach sounds rewarding and at the same time, physical draining.

Not only you will have to bring long patience with you during a heavy traffic, but you should carry some more of it while waiting in the long queue of passengers going home to their respective provinces.

Fortunately, you can experience the most affordable yet the best white beaches near Manila by car and only under PHP1,000.00. You won’t have to go far to experience the most memorable summer getaway on the best beach resort because it is just a few hours away from you. Do not miss the chance to go on a day tour or camping with your friends and loved ones this summer season.

Health Benefits of Swimming in Sea Water in the Philippines

You may be asking yourself, why spend hours to go to beach when you can just go to a nearby swimming pool resort? Little did we know, swimming in sea water has long been recommended by doctors to improve some diseases, commonly known as a thalassotherapy.

1. For skin conditions and wounds

Since ocean water has high amounts of minerals, sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium, it has been a good alternative in curing people suffering from skin various skin conditions such as psoriasis. Several persons suffering from the said skin condition claimed that swimming in ocean water helped in improving their condition.

Moreover, it has also been proven to be effective for people suffering from eczema and as wound-healing alternative since ocean water is considered to be a good antiseptic.

2. For Hay Fever and Sinus Problems

Did you know that people who live near the beach have healthier respiratory systems compared to those people whose environment have been sanitized thoroughly? It’s because ocean water has a cleansing function in a human body, specifically in its airways, also known as the saline effect.

The saline effect on the lining of sinuses can help prevent inflammation if someone is suffering from sinusitis. Also, this has been commonly used as medication for people suffering from hay fever for its ability to become a therapy and heal the illness.

3. For meditation and tranquility

Of course, just the splashing sound of the ocean water instantly gives you the peaceful and relaxing effect. It has always been known that swimming in the ocean water helps to relieve stress. The mere act of swimming helps stimulate our brain and hormones positively through calming our mind and slowing down the brain waves.

Clinically known as hydrotherapy, water therapy through swimming had shown to decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and an alternative to anti-depressant drug such as paroxetine.

4. Cold Water Therapy

The cold-water therapy has been utilized for rehabilitation for it has the ability to release endorphins, adrenalin and cortisol. Release of these hormones can help for someone to feel at ease, relax, and comfortable.
If you have friends who can’t keep from visiting beaches because they always claim it calms them down, it is true. Aside from that, cold water can also increase the immune system of a person and burn calories, which is good if you’re someone who wants to keep a good body weight.

Top 15 White Beach Near Metro Manila Philippines

1. Anilao Beaches – Mabini, Batangas

Anilao is famous for its fantastic sceneries and activities. While it doesn’t have the white sand that you may be looking for, its underwater is filled with enthralling ecosystem you wouldn’t want to miss. You can have picnic, diving, snorkeling and island hoping around the beaches.

  • When to visit – It is best to visit
  • How to get there – From Manila you can drive to Bauan Diversion to Mabini. After which, when you reach the Philpan Drive Resort, you can take a tricycle to Philpan.
  • Budget – PHP 980.00 per head (exclusion of accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Breakdown of expenses:
    • Tricycle to Resorts – PHP 100.00
    • Food and others – PHP 400.00
    • Tricycle to Mabini – PHP 100.00
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 380.00
  • Google Maps: View

2. Crystal Beach – San Narciso, Zambales

Filled with gray sand beach and aguho trees, the Crystal Beach can give you the intimate and tranquil vibe. The beach is a favorite for surfers for its pleasing waves and its proximity to Manila.

  • When to visit – You can visit anytime if you want
  • How to get there – From Manila, you can drive until you reach San Narciso which is nearby San Sebastian Catholic Church. From there the Crystal Beach will be a few minutes away.
  • Budget – PHP 930.00 (exclusion of accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 4-5 hours
  • Breakdown of expenses:
    • Food and others – PHP 400.00
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 530.00
  • Google Maps: View

3. Laiya Beach – San Juan, Batangas

One of the most nearby beaches from Manila, the Laiya Beach is frequently visited for its cream sand beach and clear water. Aside from that, you can do various activities in the beach while enjoying the breathtaking view of the ocean water.

  • When to visit – You can anytime if you want
  • How to get there – From Manila, you can drive for a couple of hours until you reach the San Juan Town Proper. From the town proper, you may continue to Brgy. Hugom where the beach is located.
  • Budget – PHP 460.00 (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Breakdown of expenses:
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 460.00
  • Google Maps: View

4. Verde Island – Batangas

Found in middle of Luzon and Mindoro, the Verde Island is considered as the Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World for its clear water and rich underwater ecosystem. Tip: If you’d like to experience the beach life, you may bring with you a tent for you to stay in.

  • When to visit – During summer
  • How to get there – From Manila, you may directly head straight to Tabangao Aplaya where boats headed to Isla Verde can be found. You can either take your car with you and leave it to the hotel you’ll be staying with or take a bus that will take you to Batangas City Grand Terminal. From there, you can take a tricycle going to Tabangao Aplaya and from Aplaya you may take a boat (private or public) going to the Isla Verde.
  • Budget – PHP 990.00 (exclusion of accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Breakdown expenses:
    • Boat to Isla Verde – PHP 100.00
    • Food and other expenses – PHP 400.00
    • Boat to Tabangao Aplaya – PHP 100.00
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 390.00
  • Google Maps: View

5. Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches – Padre Burgos, Quezon

The rock formations and high limestone of Palawan, shoreline and white sand beach of Boracay, are what you’ll see when you visit the beaches of Borawan and Dampalitan. They provide basic necessities once you’ve reached the beach such as cottages and show rooms.

  • When to visit – You Can Visit This Summer
  • How to get there – From Manila, you may directly go to Brgy. Marao in Padre Burgos. From there, you should now head to Vista Playa Restaurant where you can where you may rent a boat going to these beaches. It’s best that you travel by bus going to Lucena. However, if you’re going with your vehicle, it’ll be ideal to book a hotel nearby.
  • Budget – PHP 860.00 (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 5 hours
  • Breakdown expenses:
    • Boat Rental – PHP 300.00
    • Entrance Fee – PHP 50.00
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 510.00
  • Google Maps: View

6. Burot Beach – Calatagan, Batangas

This secret and sacred island is full with cream sand beach and surrounded by calming water and rock formations.

  • When to visit – You can visit the Burot Beach any time you like, especially during weekends since you’ll be able to reach the beach in no time.
  • How to get there – From Manila, you may go directly to Calatagan Public Market. From the public market, the beach will be a few minutes away. You can also opt to take a public bus or passenger van that will head to Calatagan Public Market.
  • Budget – PHP 790.00 per head (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Breakdown expenses:
    • Tricycle Rental to Burot Beach – PHP 150.00
    • Entrance Fee – PHP 130.00
    • Tricycle to Calatagan Town Proper – PHP 150.00
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 360.00
  • Google Maps: View

7. Kwebang Lampas (Puting Buhangin) – Pagbilao, Quezon

The perfect white sand beach that is only a few hours away from you, Kwebang Lampas is described as the beach whose sand is glimmering and shimmering with its shoreline abundant with coconut trees and cottages to keep you sheltered.

  • When to visit – During summer
  • How to get there – It is best to travel by taking a bus going to Lucena City. From the Lucena Gran Terminal, you should take a mini bus going to Unisan then drop of at Brgy. Polo Crossing.
    From Polo Crossing you may ride a tricycle going to Kwebang Lampas. From Kwebang Lampas you may either walk or rent a boat going to the shore.
  • Budget – PHP 820.00 per head (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel Time from Manila – 5 hours
  • Breakdown Expenses:
    • Bus fare back and forth – PHP 470.00
    • Tricycle going to Kwebang Lampas – PHP 150.00
    • Entrance Fee – PHP 50.00
    • Tricycle going to main road – PHP 150.00
  • Google Maps: View

8. Liw-liwa Beach – San Felipe, Zambales

Did you that this beach is non-existent until the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo? Yes, you read it just right. The village was from the debris of the eruption. Aside from its history, the Liw-liwa Beach is the perfect destination for surfers.

  • When to visit – You can visit any time you want
  • How to get there – From Manila, bound for Iba, Zambales until you reached the Bobulon Elementary School. From the school, you’ll see a road heading to Liw-liwa Surfing area. There’s also a nearby hostel where you can spend the rest of the night if you’re planning to stay longer.
  • Budget – PHP 716.00 per head (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 4 hours
  • Breakdown expenses:
    • Gasoline expenses – PHP 716.00
  • Google Maps: View

9. Boracay de Cavite Beach – Ternate, Cavite

Popular as a quick getaway for most people residing in Manila, the gray-like sand of the Boracay de Cavite is well-loved by locals, tourists and mountaineers.

  • When to visit – You can visit any time you want, especially on weekends
  • How to get there – Using your own vehicle, you may take the CAVITEX until you reach the Kawi Exit. From there you may travel until you reach the Ternate. From Ternate, take a 30-minute drive to the Mt. Palay-palay National Park until you reach the Caylabne Bay Resort. From there the Boracay de Cavite would be 2-3 kilometers away.
  • Budget – PHP 776.00 per individual (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 3 hours
  • Breakdown expenses:
    • Toll Fee back and forth – PHP 176.00
    • Gasoline Expenses – PHP 500.00
    • Entrance Fee – PHP 100.00

10. Cagbalete Island – Quezon

While there are lot of popular beaches in Quezon, what makes Cagbalete stand out the most is its white sandy beach and clear water. You’ll appreciate this more during sunset and sunrise – as if you’re reliving a beautiful canvas. Tip: There are several resorts nearby, but if you want to save more you bring your own tent with you.

  • When to visit – During summer
  • How to get there – From Manila, take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. From the terminal, take a bus or van going to Mauban. However, there is also a bus going to Mauban from Manila.
    Once you’ve reached Mauban, obtain your boat ticket and pay for environmental fee from the tourism office. After settlement of payments, you may walk or take a tricycle that will take you to Mauban Port. From the port, you will be taken to Cagbalete Island and from the island you walk or take a boat to reach the nearest resort.
  • Budget – PHP 940.00 (exclusion of food and accommodation)
  • Travel time from Manila – 5-6 hours
  • Breakdown Expenses:
    • Bus back and forth – PHP 440.00
    • Boat back and forth – PHP 100.00
    • Food and others – PHP 400.00
  • Google Maps: View

11. Nagsasa Cove – Zambales

A popular tourist destination for adventure enthusiasts, the Nagsasa Cove is filled with Agoho trees and has been a place to revitalize and unwind.

  • When to visit – Anytime
  • How to get there – From Manila, take a bus going to Iba, Zambales. Dropping off at San Antonio, take a tricycle that will bring you to Brgy. San Miguel. From San Miguel, go for a boat rise to reach the Nagsasa Cove.
  • Budget – PHP 2,000.00 for the roundtrip boat ride
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Google Maps: View

12. Potipot Island – Zambales

As a secluded island, Potipot is quite unknown to the general public. If you’re going to visit the beach, bring with you enough food and tent for there will be no hotels or convenience stores nearby. The island is visited for its white sands and very clear water.

  • When to visit – to relax and unwind during summer
  • How to get there – From Manila, take a bus going to Iba, Zambales. From Iba, there are buses that can drop you off from Uangco. From there, take a tricycle which will lead you to the local docks. A boat will take you to the Potipot Island.
  • Travel time from Manila – 4 hours
  • Google Maps: View

13. Magalawa Island – Palauig, Zambales

Close to the China Sea, the Magalawa Island is a serene place far from the city and technology. If you want to detoxify and do some soul searching, this island is perfect for you.

  • When to visit – Summer
  • How to get there – From Manila, take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Then drop off at Brgy. Pangolingan. From there take a tricycle heading to Luan Port. From the port, there’ll be a small boat that will take at least 10-15 minutes before you reach the Magalawa Island.
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Google Maps: View

14. Canyon Cove – Nasugbu, Batangas

As the haven of all people who want to get away from the stress of work, the Canyon Cove is the dream beach vacation everyone will always look for.

  • When to visit – Summer
  • How to get there – If you opt to bring your own car, take the SLEX and exit at Sta. Rosa then turn right for Tagaytay. From rotunda of Tagaytay, head right and go for Nasugbu. From Nasugbu, follow the road leading to Brgy. Wawa and the Thank You arc will be your sign that you’ve reached the Canyon Cove Resort.
  • Travel time from Manila – 3-4 hours
  • Google Maps: View

15. Coral View Beach – Morong, Bataan

A well-known beach in Bataan, the Coral View Beach has the relaxing ambience and satisfactory accommodations based on its reviews.

  • When to visit – It is best to visit on a long weekend or summer
  • How to get there – From Manila, you can take the route to NLEX then exit to San Fernando. Head to Bataan intersection, then turn right until you reach the Subic Tipo Expressway. Get inside the expressway until you exist on the south of the Subic Tipo. Upon reaching the crossroad, turn right to reach the town of Moron, Bataan. From there, you may turn right and then left until you reach the church while be the start of the entry point of the Coral View.
  • Travel time from Manila – 3 hours
  • Google Maps: View

Top 10 Things to Bring to the Beach (That You May Forget)

Before you get all excited about going to your next beach destination, makes sure that you’ve made the following checklist to make sure that all the necessities you will be needing for your summer getaway will be ready inside your bags for a hassle-free escapade to the beach.

  • Bottles of water – Due to the heat of the sun, it’s a top priority that you bring with you bottles of water to prevent dehydration. It’s best that you keep it in a cooler so it keeps its cool temperature.
  • Quality Sunscreen – You don’t want to go back to work with sun burn hurting your face every time you smile. Make sure that you bring with you a good quality of sun screen that will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Umbrellas – To keep you, your family and friends extra protected, it is also ideal to bring with you set of umbrellas that you can use if you want to walk around places near the beach or just plain sightseeing while looking over the ocean water. Especially if you are with someone who may suffering from asthma or heart complications, it’s ideal that you keep umbrellas for this trip.
  • Whistle – If you’re bringing kids with you, it is ideal that you also bring whistles for everyone, especially if there is a lot of people going on the beach at the same time. You can create a distinct whistle that the kids can recognize if you are calling for them.
  • Blankets – You can use the blanket as your cover while you are sitting on the beach. Extra blankets would also be useful at night if you’re planning to stay overnight the beach and you’d like to go camping.
  • Baby Powder – Can’t get rid of the sands in between your feet? You can use a baby powder to remove it as smoothly as possible, so always keep one with you.
  • Extra Clothes – Especially if you are with kids, extra clothes is necessary since they tend to wander around and play with everything that fancy their eyes.
  • Other entertainment alternatives – If allowed by the beach resort or if they have one available, bringing entertainment alternatives such as volleyball or badminton should make your vacation more fun. You can also bring playing cards with you and play late night with your friends and loved ones.
  • Reading Materials – For some, a good time with beach also includes reading a book or magazine while relishing the fresh air and calming sound of the ocean.
  • First Aid Kit – In case of emergency, such as acquiring wounds, it’s best to always bring a first aid kit to tend the injury while being rushed to the nearest hospital. While choosing for the next beach to visit, you should also search for the nearest hospital to the beach to guarantee that in cause of accidents, you know there’s a nearby hospital to provide professional treatment.
  • Sunglasses – Of course, a summer getup will not be complete without your favorite sunglasses. Aside from completing your summer fashion, it protects your eyes from direct sunlight.
  • Ziploc Bags – These can be handy if you are to collect sea shells to bring home, or for packing snacks or storage of your wet items. There are also Ziploc bags meant for gadgets to keep them from getting wet and damaged.
  • Flashlight – If you’d like to go for a walk during the night, having a flashlight can help you see better on the path you’re walking into. Also, in circumstances where lights won’t be available, flashlights should serve as your temporary light.


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