15 Best Aircon Brand in the Philippines

Buying a cheap aicon brand in the Philippines has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. With the Philippines being a tropical country, it comes as no surprise that it constantly deals with heat and humidity on a day-to-day basis.

The hot temperatures and high levels of humidity can be quite uncomfortable, especially during the summer. For those keen on purchasing their own AC for the first time, one of the best aicon brands that you’ll come across is no other than Daikin.

One of the largest brands in the world, this is renowned internationally for being a superior brand of air conditioner. Not only is its innovation used across the globe, but it is proven to be effective in quickly cooling rooms around the world.

Top 16 Leading Aircon Brands in the Philippines


Carrier is an American company that specializes in air conditioning products and services. It seeks to provide indoor climate and temperature control solutions that are energy-efficient, innovative, and human-centered. It caters to different sizes of homes and businesses alike, through a variety of services such as supply, installation, repair, and maintenance.

Its product catalog consists of floor-mounted, window-type, high wall, and portable air conditioners for small, medium, and big rooms, as well as commercial spaces. It also sells air purifiers of various capacities.

HQ: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
Industry: Home appliances
Founded:  June 26, 1915
Area served:  Worldwide
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2. LG

lg aircon logo
LG Electronics is a South Korean company that aims to enhance consumers’ lives by offering various appliances for home and air solutions, home entertainment, vehicle components, and business solutions.

This aicon brand offers commercial air solutions such as variable refrigeration flow systems and single split air conditioners, as well as chillers and control systems. It is also known for its line of residential window and split type air conditioners in inverter and non-inverter types.

HQ: Seoul, South Korea
Industry: Consumer electronics, Home appliances, Computer hardwares
Founded: October 1958
Area served: Worldwide
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3. Mitsubishi

mitsubishi electric aircon logo
Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leading Electronics brands across the globe that offers air conditioning, factory automation, and building systems. It envisions a brighter future and everyday life for the world with the help of technology and development.

Its aircon offerings include indoor and outdoor units, as well as VRF systems and lossnays. Aside from air solutions, its catalog also includes hand dryers, elevators and escalators, controllers, drive products, visualizations systems, industrial robots, and power monitoring products.

HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Electrical equipment, Electronics
Founded: January 15, 1921
Area served: Worldwide
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4. Panasonic

panasonic aircon logo
Panasonic is an Osaka, Japan-based electronics company that has been around for a little more than 100 years. It is one of the front-running appliances brands in Japan covering different home and personal needs, from kitchen necessities and home entertainment to cameras and home communication products.

Its line of aircon units covers different air needs from temperature and climate control to air purification. It incorporates energy-saving, anti-bacterial, radiant and shower cooling, and nanotechnologies in its products to help improve consumer experience.

HQ: Kadoma, Osaka, Japan
Industry: Conglomerate
Founded: March 13, 1918
Area served: Worldwide
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5. Samsung

samsung aircon logo
Samsung is a South Korean multinational brand. It has been recognized as one of the top-performing air conditioning companies across the globe. Being a top semiconductor producer, Samsung has been incorporating smart technology not only in its smartphone products but also in its appliances.

Samsung offers mobile, TV & AV, home appliances, and IT solutions. Its air solutions line up include window, standing, wall-mounted, 4-way cassette, and 360 cassette options with WindFree Cooling. It also offers Air Purifiers and different types of refrigerators.

HQ: Yeongtong District, Suwon, South Korea
Industry: Electronics, Semiconductors, Home appliances, Computer hardware, Artificial intelligence, Automation, Internet of things, Robotics and Medical devices
Founded: January 13, 1969
Area served: Worldwide
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6. Hitachi

hitachi aircon logo
Another Japanese multinational company, Hitachi is intent on providing solutions that enhances the lives of consumers. For its home offers, it manufactures kitchen, washing and cleaning, and small appliances. Air conditioners are some of its most widely available offerings.

It carries split type, window, multi-split type, package air, central air, and commercial dehumidifier units. It also offers refrigerators, making it an HVACR company and more. Aside from home appliances, it also works on innovations in the field of IT, energy, industry, mobility, and automotive systems.

HQ: Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Industry: Air conditioning and refrigeration systems, Chemicals
Founded: October 25, 1924
Area served: Worldwide
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7. Sharp

sharp aircon logo
Sharp is a Tokyo, Japan-based company focused on providing home and kitchen solutions. Some of its main offerings are washing machines, chest freezers, refrigerators, and small appliances like blenders, electric kettles, and ovens.

In terms of air care, the brand covers different types of air conditioners, from cassette types to floor standing units. Its air purifying options come in different models, some of which include ion generation technology, humidifiers, mosquito catchers, and Internet of Things operations.

HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Consumer electronics
Founded: September 15, 1912
Area served: Worldwide
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8. GE

ge appliances aircon logo
GE, otherwise known as the General Electric Company is an American multinational company. It has been in the business for over 125 years. Today, the company is known for its significant contributions in various fields such as healthcare, power, renewable energy, and aviation. It continues to be a leader in electrical technology throughout the globe.

The brand provides different home and kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, small appliances such as food processors, and more. It carries residential air conditioners, dehumidifiers and air purifiers, as well as commercial air conditioners.

HQ: Boston, Massachusetts, US
Industry: Conglomerate
Founded: April 15, 1892
Area served: Worldwide
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9. Whirlpool

whirlpool aircon logo

American company Whirlpool is known for its home laundry equipment and markets appliances. It started in 1911 and has now expanded its range of products and services. It specializes in dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens.

Its air conditioning systems mainly revolve around window-type aircons as well as split-type air conditioning units. These include inverter and non-inverter units. Whirlpool also has portable air conditioners and air purification systems.

HQ: Benton Harbor, Michigan, U.S.
Industry: Home appliances
Founded: November 11, 1911
Area served: Worldwide
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10. York

york aircon logo

York is an HVAC company in the United States dedicated to providing comfort for its customers for around 140 years. It prioritizes quality and innovation, while working toward making its team Certified Comfort Experts.

Its HVAC products cover heating and cooler, indoor air quality, and thermostats. For those looking for air conditioners, it sells different types of aircons such as Single Stage, Two Stage, Packaged, and Variable Capacity air conditioners.

HQ: York, Pennsylvania, United States
Industry: Air Conditioning
Founded: 1874
Area served: Worldwide
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11. Kolin

kolin aircon logo
Kolin is a proud Philippine brand that has been established in 1995. It counts itself as a premier air conditioning company, offering only different air conditioning systems that are both energy-efficient and eco-friendly across varying price points.

With air conditioning systems at its core, Kolin gives its consumers a wide range of air care solutions such as window type air conditioners, split-type air conditioners, ceiling cassette aircons, floor-mounted aircons, and floor-ceiling aircons. It also has convection heaters, UV air purifiers, and dehumidifiers under its name.

HQ: 1854 Santa Rita St., Brgy. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati, Metro Manila
Industry: Air Conditioning
Founded: 1995
Area served: Philippines
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12. Condura

condura aircon logo
Condura is one of the biggest names in the appliance industry in the Philippines. It is one of the most trusted brands on the market and has given customers access to an array of appliances. Their products include chest freezers, chillers, refrigerators, small home appliances such as rice cookers and microwaves, as well as washing machines and gas range cookers.

Its air conditioners are divided into window-type air systems and high wall split-type systems. They both have inverter and non-inverter variants under the brand.

HQ: Concepcion Durables, Inc. 308 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City
Industry: Air Conditioning
Founded: 1987
Area served: Philippines
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13. Koppel

koppel aircon logo
Koppel is a Philippine-based HVAC company that serves as a cheap aicon brand option for all kinds of customers. It is considered one of the biggest aircon producers in the country. Its line of products includes residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioners for various applications.

Customers can choose from its range of inverter and non-inverter units with window-type, split-type, and floor-standing options. Each variant comes with different horsepower to suit different kinds and sizes of space.

HQ: Industry Dr, Carmelray Industrial Park 1, Canlubang, Calamba Calamba City, 4028, Laguna
Industry: Air Conditioning
Founded: 1904
Area served: Philippines
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14. Daikin

daikin aircon logo
Daikin Industries is another Japanese aicon brand from Osaka known for manufacturing VRF units. It is touted as one of the rapidly growing air solutions companies in Japan. It specializes in ventilation methods for offices, commercial sites, and residential spaces.

Its catalog includes room aircons, Sky Air such as ceiling-suspended units, Packaged Air, Variable Refrigerant Volume units, and Applied Products such as chillers. Aside from this, the company also has air purifier options equipped with its Streamer Technology.

HQ: Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Industry: Air conditioning and refrigeration systems, Chemicals
Founded: October 25, 1924
Area served: Worldwide
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15. Toshiba

toshiba aircon logo
Toshiba is a Japanese brand that has its roots in the air conditioning business since 1953. However, this multinational conglomerate has been founded in 1875 and has been focusing on innovative solutions since then. It manufactures laptops, televisions, printers, surveillance systems, and lighting products.

The company is responsible for producing the first split air conditioning unit in the world. Besides this, Toshiba also offers RAV indoor units such as duct, ceiling, and cassette systems for commercial spaces.

HQ: Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Conglomerate
Founded: July 11, 1875
Area served: Worldwide
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16. American Standard

american standard aircon logo

American Standard is a North American company. It is considered one of the most established makers of HVAC systems throughout the globe. It offers air conditioners such as central air systems, split systems, ductless air conditioners, and its respective HVAC parts and equipment.

This is one of the cheap aicon brands in the market that produce quality and reliable air conditioners. Besides these, the company also sells heating products such as furnaces, thermostat products, and heat pumps.

HQ: Tyler, Texas, U.S.
Industry: Heating, Air Conditioning, Energy Efficiency, Clean Air, Home Comfort, and Ingersoll Rand
Founded: Jan 1, 1984
Area served: Worldwide
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Why Calculating the Right Size of Airconditioner is Important

Having the proper size of air conditioning system for your home is important. Rather than going for a one-size-fits-all approach, it is best that you determine the air conditioner size that you really need. This way, you can avoid using more energy than necessary, and by extension, avoid incurring high electricity bills in the long run.

This is also important to avoid wearing down your AC right away, while also avoiding inefficient operations. The right aircon size won’t leave you worrying about any of these situations.

Tips for Measuring the Space to be Cooled

One of the most important aspects you need to have on hand when calculating the right size of measuring for your room is the exact square footage of your room. The space, after all, dictates the size and type of unit you should get to get the best efficiency.

Start by calculating the size of your room or the space intended to be served by the air conditioner in square meters. Multiply the length with the width of the room and then multiply this again by ½.

Meanwhile, for differently-shaped spaces, you should ensure that all measurements from one point to another are obtained. Add these up to get the length and the width and multiply these accordingly using the aforementioned equation. Then, add all the numbers to find the overall measurement of the room in square meters.

What Size is Perfect for Your Home?

Now that you know how much your room measures, you can now move on to determining what air conditioning size is right for the space. Four houses that measure up to 50 square meters, using a seven to 8 kW split-type aircon might be best to cover relatively large, open areas.

Meanwhile, bedrooms and spaces such as kitchens and lounges measuring around 10 to 20 square meters or less can get a smaller-sized aircon that works at 2.6 kW.

On the other hand, rooms that measure 20 square meters and that do not measure beyond 30 square meters would benefit from using an aircon with a wattage of 3.5 kW. These are best for places with high ceilings or even medium-sized kitchens.

Larger spaces or bedrooms are advised to stick with a five to six kW aircon instead, while those with spaces measuring around 65 square meters or more should opt for appliances that have seven to eight kW. These recommended wattages can help cool the room better.

Types of Air Conditioning System: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Central Aircon Conditioner


  • A central air conditioner has the capacity to cool the whole area in a relatively faster time thanks to its duct connections
  • The humidity tends to decrease as the cool air circulates


  • Central air conditioning tends to rack up higher electricity bills as it consumes a higher amount of energy
  • The AC’s performance can be affected any time a technical issue in the ducts comes up
  • The outdoor units can be an eyesore if exposed in plain sight, though having a backyard helps in concealing this
  • Cassette Air Conditioner


  • Cassette air conditioners can be space-savers as they can be mounted on the ceiling
  • This AC type is best for wide spaces as it has powerful circulation systems and can cover larger areas
  • These aircon units are equipped with easy-to-clean filters that double as air purifiers as well


  • Installation of the cassette air conditioner is quite tricky and time-consuming as it needs to be placed outside of the building
  • You need to have more than one unit installed at any given time
  • Portable Air Conditioner


  • Portable air conditioners can be moved from one place to another
  • These are easy to set up as these do not require any permanent placements or installation
  • Best for spot cooling


  • Air conditioners with attached hoses need to be placed near a window where air can be exhausted or expelled outside
  • Not designed for larger rooms
  • Units can make noise when in operation
  • Split Air Conditioner


  • Does not need ductwork to function
  • Temperature can be controlled using a remote controller and or a dedicated smart AC controller
  • Sleek, compact, and modern design fits contemporary homes


  • Split-type aircons may not be enough to cool larger rooms
  • Compressor unit located outside tends to generate a ton of noise
  • Window Air Conditioner


  • Window air conditioners are easy to install and maintain
  • Operating costs are more affordable
  • It frees up precious floor space


  • Has the tendency to create noise while in operation
  • Requires regular-shaped windows to accommodate aircon type
  • Floor Standing Inverter


  • The floor-standing inverter saves wall space, particularly in indoor areas
  • These types of aircons can easily be moved from one place to another
  • Easy installment


  • This air conditioner system can be noisier than the rest
  • This tends to consume floor space
  • Takes time to cool the room

A Closer Look at Inverter Aircon Technology

The inverter technology used for aircons today is one of the latest technologies that affect the electromotors of the air conditioning compressors. The inverter is typically used for controlling the compressor motor and its respective speed. Doing so helps regulate the temperature of the room.

The inverter aims to control the electric voltage of appliances, as well as convert frequencies and currencies. This technology makes air conditioner operations more efficient by regulating the speed of the motor.

Inverter vs. Non-Inverter Aircon

An aicon brand that uses inverter technology has the ability to control and regulate to control the motor’s speed via the compressor in order for it to adjust to the temperature of the room. Once the target temperature is achieved, the aircon system works to stop any temperature changes by lowering the speed of the compressor.

Non-inverter aircons, on the other hand, have motors that run only at full speed and then shut off when the target temperature is achieved. This results in an on and off process that tends to consume more energy in the long run.

Comparing Their Efficiency and Performance

With the aforementioned information, it can be said that air conditioners that use inverter technology are more energy efficient. This is because its technology makes it possible for the compressor motor to lower its speed once the optimal temperature is achieved. This results in lower electricity bills and a more economical use of refrigerants as well.

Inverter aircons are also noticeably run quieter compared to non-inverter ones since it makes use of less power. You can also avoid the abrupt on-and-off system and the loud sound that comes with it.

However, non-inverter aircons, although more affordable to purchase, can result in higher energy bills. This is due to the starting and stopping approach it employs, resting then starting again once a cooler temperature is attained.

Non-inverter aircons also experience higher power consumption once the aircon restarts, thus the higher-than-average power consumption. The motor speed is likewise constant, thereby consuming more energy.

Non-Inverter vs. Inverter Aircon Price Difference?

Non-inverter aircons are more affordable compared to inverter air conditioning systems. In fact, there are a number of cheap aicon brands on the market today, making it the more accessible option.

An inverter aircon, on the other hand, can be a tad expensive than non-inverter ones due to its advanced technology. Given its functionality, however, this is a good investment, especially as its lifespan is considerably longer than non-inverter systems.

Inverter vs. Non-Inverter Pros and Cons



  • An inverter aircon is much more energy-efficient as its compressor does not run on full power all the time
  • Inverter units are much quieter as it does not require too much power
  • The lifespan of inverter units is longer and it has great functionality, making it a good investment
  • Cools the room faster


  • Runs more expensive compared to non-inverter units due to its advanced technology
  • Requires professional installation services



  • Non-inverter units are more affordable and accessible for people
  • Maintenance and aircon parts are relatively cheaper as well


  • This system makes a lot of noise
  • Consumes more power than inverter units
  • Fluctuates in temperature and consumes more energy

Does Inverter Aircon Help Save Electricity?

Inverter aircons help you to save more energy due to its compressor system. Since it does not turn on and off like non-inverted units, it tends to use less energy and is much more efficient this way.


What is a Window-Type Aircon?

A window-type aircon is a unit that contains all of the necessary parts and components in one box. This is typically mounted or installed in a window. At times, it is also mounted on walls.

What is a Split-Type Aircon?

A split-type aircon is aptly named as such because the components are split or divided into two separate units. One of the components is placed indoors, such as the distribution and filter components, also known as the air handling unit.

Meanwhile, the condensing unit, which contains the compressor and the condenser, is placed outdoors. Despite the separate components, these are connected through a tube, allowing this aircon system to be installed using a split-type system with minimal construction and installation.

How to Find the Ideal Aircon for You

There are various factors to consider in finding the right aircon for you and your space. One of these is to check the right cooling capacity for the size of the room that you have. A good rule of thumb would be to remember that the larger the room, the more cooling capacity you’ll need. In terms of sizing, it is typically advised that you have around 20 to 25 BTU for each square foot of living space.

You should also look into its energy efficiency, choosing between an inverter or non-inverter option, and its ease of operation and maintenance, among other features. Likewise, it’s also essential to factor in the heat load of your space and the number of occupants in the room.

What Should You Look for in a Window-Type Aircon?

Some of the features you should look for in a window-type aircon are its cost and affordability. You should also consider its cooling capacity, energy efficiency, noise level, and durability. The dimensions or type of windows that you have would also have to be factored into your decision making.

What Should You Look for in a Split-Type Aircon?

One of the most essential features to look for in buying a split-type aircon is efficiency. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is in cooling your space. Other features that may be a plus to have include a dehumidifier mode and the type of system it runs such as an inverter technology.

Where to Buy an Aircon in the Philippines

There are various places to buy a cheap aicon brand in the Philippines today. Tech-savvy individuals can purchase an air conditioning system from their own homes via websites or online shops. Meanwhile, individuals can still go the old-fashioned route and purchase physically from appliance stores or aircon brand stores themselves.


Purchasing an aircon eventually boils down to what you need and what your preferences are. With an aircon being a significant investment, opting for the best compatible one for your needs is sure to provide you and your family the comfort that you deserve.

Note: The list of aircon brands in this article is not ranked, and you would have to decide for yourself which brand is perfect for you.

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