There seemed to be a bright future ahead of architecture student Nick Russel Oniot — until he was robbed and brutally killed in a street in Taguig City last Friday, October 14.

Hours after he was murdered, what happened to Oniot went viral on Facebook after a Facebook user posted a set of photos with a caption narrating that a student from the Adamson University was robbed and stabbed 18 times in Taguig City.

“Guys, please be aware na may mga hindi mabubuting tao na gumagala ngayon dito sa Central Signal. Mag-ingat po tayo. Isang student po ng Adamson University (ang) hinoldup at walang awang pinagsasasaksak ng 18 times ng dalawang suspect sa Martinez St. Barangay Central Signal Village, Taguig bandang alas diyes ng gabi (ng) October 14, 2016 [Guys, please be aware that bad guys are roaming around here in Cetral Signal. Let’s be cautious. There is a student from Adamson University who was robbed and brutally stabbed 18 times by two suspects at Martinez St. Barangay Central Signal Village, Taguig, 10 p.m.],” Facebook user N. Bueno posted.

Justice For Nick Russel Oniot

Many social media users were saddened and angered by the news. Many of them have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to a black photo with text #JusticeForNick.

Meanwhile, the United Architects of the Philippines Students Auxillary-Adamson University, where the student is a 3rd Year Batch Representative, posted a short, emotional message on Facebook

“You have so much potential in you. Nick Russel Oniot, you still have a lot to offer. No one is ready for what had happened. Let’s pray that justice will be served,” it said.



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