How To Become a DepEd Senior High School Teachers

How To Become a DepEd Senior High School Teachers

As we anter a new era of our Educational System which is the K-12 Education, we all have the dreams and aspirations for this beautiful beginning! We are in the process of adapting to the Senior High School Program. We talk about the new curriculum, new buildings, school materials, and of course, we are going to talk about the front liners of this system, the teachers.

How do we go about this application then? For people who aspire to be SHS Teachers, what are the things that you must prepare before, during, and after the application process? Let me share with you some insights!

The Beginning: We all experienced the feeling of being an “applicant”. Its is not easy, but it is something thrilling and exciting. What are the things that must be prepared before submitting your requirements? Here is the list of the DepEd Hiring Requirements:

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Mandatory requirements for all applicants:

  • Letter of intent which shall indicate the following information:

a     Statement of purpose/expression of interest

b     Track(s)/Strand(s)/Subjects(s) applying for

c     Preferred school(s), if any

  • CSC Form 212, Revised 2005 (Personal Data Sheet) in two (2) copies with the latest 2×2 ID picture
  • Certified photocopy of certificates of relevant specialized trainings, if any
  • Certified copy of Voter’s ID and/or any proof of residency
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
  • Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the applicant

Additional requirements for permanent full-time positions (SCIENCE, MATH, ENGLISH):

  • Certified photocopy of Diploma on Bachelor’s degree
  • Certified photocopy of Transcript of Records with at least 15 units of specialization in relevant strand/specialized subject
  • Certified photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) professional ID card/certificate of registration /license, if available
  • Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for teachers(LET)/Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET), if available

Additional requirements for TVL teacher-applicants (for both full-time and part-time):

  • Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) National Certificate (NC) of at least one level higher than course to be taught in subject to be taught (e.g. at least NC-III in SMAW to teach SMAW-NC-II)
  • Certified photocopy of Trainers Methodology Certificate (TMC), if available

Additional requirement for Arts & Design and Sports Tracks teacher-applicants:

  • Certified photocopy of Certification of Proficiency/Recognition from recognized and respectable relevant associations/organizations/guild

Additional requirement for HEI/TVI faculty:

  • Certified photocopy of Certification of Status of Employment/Service Record from HEI/TVI

Once the teaching positions are created, SDOs shall publish vacancies for a period of ten (10) days in compliance with RA No. 7041 (Publication Law).

Interested candidates shall be required to submit their formal application. They shall then be ranked following DepEd’s evaluation criteria and selection process, which will be issued at a later date. Hiring and placement of successful applicants shall be according to the following general guidelines:

1. Priority shall be based on ranking.

2. Affected/displaced faculty from higher education institutions shall likewise be given priority.

3. The teaching rank, salary grade and status of appointment will depend on the applicant’s qualifications.

4. Permanent full-time status shall only be given to applicants with PRC teaching license and/or appropriate certification.

5. The DepEd SDO shall determine the applicants’ school assignments in consultation with the SHS.

Here now is the list of the TIPS to ensure a successful application:

  1. Be on time for all your appointments (interview, demonstration, English Proficiency Test, etc.).
  2. First impression lasts! So make sure that you present yourself well the very first time you meet different people in the hiring department.
  3. Study for your demonstration. You’ll be given the chance to choose your own topic to discuss so might as well make the most out of it! Choose a topic that you are very familiar with and will make the students enjoy learning.
  4. Nail the interview. Make sure to answer the questions as brief and consice as possible. Make sure to use English as a medium of instruction since they are also looking at your ability to communicate using the language.
  5. Review for the English Proficiency Test. Questions may be basic topic such as subject and verb agreement but there is still a need for you to review. Prepare your brain for a long battle of reading comprehension exam.
  6. Submit all the required documents and don’t forget to include your mobile and e-mail address. This will make it easier for them to contact you for further information and instructions.

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