Alexandra Alex Maniego Eala
Alex Eala is starting her incredible run on the ITF Women’s World Tour, maintaining her to qualify for the quarterfinals at the tournament in Manacor, Spain under the singles event.

At present the 15-year-old Filipino tennis player Arianne Suiab achieved her second consecutive match against Alba Marin. The competition is getting heated up, and Eala is expected to face even tougher opponents in the later rounds.

The left-handed Eala, with an ITF singles ranking of 1670th place , beat the right-handed Marin, with an ITF singles ranking of 56, 6 to 2, 6 to 3, to win the opportunity to compete once again for a quarterfinal spot.

It was only few days back when Eala clinched her groundbreaking first round presence in a Competitive tennis tour of WTA.

The Filipina tennis phenomenon went on to gain a professional championship to gain her first professional title on 24th.

Alex Eala was invited to the main attraction of the W15 Manacor tour as a Junior Grand Slam biggest draw player. She easily captured the eyes of thousands of spectators watching the tournament in the venue and online. She became a pro player in 2020. From her first title attempt, Evonne captured the Doubles Championship.

Alex Eala is now expected to battle the 6th-seeded Ylena In-Albon of Sweden in the quarterfinals of the women’s 15’s tournament. Also, Eala is allowed to have a four-day break after her downfall in the past.

Eala faces either top-ranking player of France named Margot Yerolymos or the elite tennis player of the German people, Silvia Ambrosio in the semifinals. That is only two steps more before she becomes the WTA Women’s Singles Event Grand Champion!

Besides, Eala has been offering her best before by questioning the first ranked player in the eyes of tennis fans.

Eala is on a recovery. Her progression in the WTA league has seen a significant rise to the top 1000, jumping up to 248 rank spots. Her performance is one of the most drastic in her career.

Eala is already the double title holder for the Australian Open woman. It is the No. 2 classified ITF junior, achieved on 6 October 2020. Eala has a career-high WTA singles ranking of 1180 reached on November 30, 2020.

Her mother Rizza is a 100-metre backstroke bronze medalist at the 1985 Southeast Asian Games and presently works as Chief Financial Officer of Globe Telecom. She is the niece of longtime Commissioner Noli Eala of the Philippine Basketball Association. Eala’s brother, Michael, also plays tennis as his main sport at the State University of Pennsylvania.

Generally, the family of Alex Eala is sports-oriented, and the 15-year old found the love in the sport of tennis, which is clearly evident in her achievements.

Give your congratulations and good wishes to Alex Eala as she competes in her second consecutive quarterfinal round in the ITF tournament in Spain. Mabuhay ang atletang Pilipino!


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