Top 10 Country with Fastest Internet Speed


Where the World’s fastest internet provider is found? Accoring to Akamai. Between the first and second quarters of 2011, average global connection speed increased 21 percent and is now 2.6 Megabits per second. By comparison, Internet speeds in the United States (the world’s 12th-ranked country) look fairly speedy at an average of 5.8 Mbps.

The slowest Internet, according to the study, is in the Congo, with an average of just 13 KBps, a speed that would make even a 1990s dial-up Internet user cringe. Most of the world’s slowest countries on Pando’s list are located in Africa, where broadband access is sparse and mobile is often the most prevalent point of access for users. However, we suspect that the data from some countries may have suffered from too small a sample size for an accurate reading.

Take a look at the world’s top 10 countries with a fastest internet speed in the world plus nice landmark photos.

Rank No. 1 – South Korea

10 Country with Fastest Internet Speed
Average Connection Speed: 17.62 Mbps

Rank No. 2 – Romania

fastest internet service
Average Connection Speed: 15.27 Mbps

Rank No. 3 – Hongkong

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, fastest browser
Average Connection Speed: 10.3 Mbps
Change From Last First Quarter: 12 percent faster

Rank No. 4 – Japan

Japan, Golden Temple, internet browser,
Average Connection Speed: 8.9 Mbps

Rank No. 5 – Netherlands

Brandenburger Tor / Gate, Netherlands, world fastest internet ,
Average Connection Speed: 8.5 Mbps

Rank No. 6 – Latvia

House of Blackheads in Riga, Latvia, fastest broadband,
Average Connection Speed: 8.2 Mbps
Change From Last First Quarter: 29 percent faster

Rank No. 7 – Czech Republic

Central Square in Prague, Czech Republic, fastest broadband internet,
Average Connection Speed: 7.4 Mbps

Rank No. 8 – Switzerland

Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland, fastest broadband internet, hellotravel
Average Connection Speed: 7.3 Mbps

Rank No. 9 – Belgium

Belgium, 20th-century landmark structure at Boulevard de Waterloo 100-103 in the heart of Brussels, photo by scientologynews.
Average Connection Speed: 6.4 Mbps

Rank No. 10 – Denmark

Denmark, The Wave in Vejle
Average Connection Speed: 5.3 Mbps

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